Khatti-Meethi Tamatar Pyaz Ki Sabji or the Tomato Onion curry is the main course and a side dish. Most straightforward and easiest to cook, even for men.

Made with just a few at-home ingredients and the taste is ultimate. The sourness of tomatoes and the sweetness of sugar gives a perfect blend.

I have my childhood memories of this recipe. My late grandma used to make this recipe for me. So I don’t need anything else if I have this recipe on the table. I can eat it raw, with chapati and even with rice. It’s my love.

One can serve this Tamatar Pyaz Ki Sabji along with curry and rice or dal chawal and a side dish to accompany other main course dishes.

Here’s a fun fact! If we exclude the sweetness from this recipe, it is highly similar to Red Pasta Tomato Sauce or Marinara Sauce. However, even in the sauce, sugar is used sometimes.

Preparation of Tamatar Pyaz Ki Sabji

It is a super simple recipe. You can make it anytime since the ingredients are available throughout the year and are ready very fast.

First, you need a deep vessel or kadhai. Heat oil and saute coriander seeds in it till they change colour. Then we’ll be adding green chillies and onions. We’ll cook them for 5-7 minutes or till they turn tender.

Then comes the garlic, which we have to smash before adding. Next comes all the spices and sugar. Mix them and cook for a minute. Finally, tomatoes are to be added to the vessel.

Some people prefer to cook tomatoes before adding spices and sugar. That method is okay as well. But it is preferable to add turmeric along with it to eliminate the rawness. So now all you have to do is to let it cook.

It will be ready in 10-12 minutes. Stir it occasionally to avoid it burning or sticking. Cover the vessel to lessen the time of cooking.

Another option will be to add the ingredients to the pressure cooker. Cook them with the lid closed, and the dish will be ready in ten minutes. It is the fastest option. Just add sugar after the cooking is done and mix properly.

Garnish it with coriander, and it will be good to eat.


  • One of the main ingredients of the recipe is tomato. Get ripe tomatoes with a less sharp taste. If you want, you can remove the seeds of the tomatoes.
  • Another base ingredient here is onion. It will add to the flavour along with making the base. In addition, white onions will give off natural sweetness in the recipe.
  • Not many spices are required but you can add spices as per your preference. Moreover, green chillies are optional here.
  • You will get the perfect balance of sweet and tangy after adding sugar. However, you can substitute sugar with jaggery as well. We can add both, and the amount is up to you. It is also an optional ingredient.

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