Red Pasta Tomato Sauce is an easy one-pot recipe. This sauce is originally from Italy. It was adopted by the local folks in America when Italians became their neighbours.

It is a must-have ingredient if you love pasta. You will feel spiciness and tanginess over your taste buds while eating this, along with the taste of garlic. This sauce is quintessential in Italian cuisine.

Marinara Sauce vs Pomodoro Sauce vs Pasta Sauce

A Marinara sauce consists mainly of tomatoes with garlic, herbs & onions. In that sense, the sauce we are preparing will be marinara sauce. Moreover, this sauce holds a firm place in Italian-American cuisine.

A similar substitute to this sauce is Pomodoro sauce, also named Salsa Roja or Salsa di Pomodoro in Spanish. Both of them have similar ingredients. However, they differ in texture and thickness.

Pomodoro one is thicker and smoother than marinara. It originated in Mexico, and since then, it is in use. This sauce makes an excellent salsa dip for nachos.

On the other hand, pasta sauce contains more meat and vegetables, unlike the different two kinds of sauces.

Ingredients of Red Pasta Tomato Sauce

The ingredients are very few in numbers. Let’s quickly go through them.


The star ingredient and the base of this sauce are tomatoes. Use ripe tomatoes for this recipe. Here we are cutting and blending these to a paste. It is a quick way. But most often, the tomatoes are blanched and the skin removed before using them.

A step further, you can even remove the seeds like it is done in the U.S. Moreover, if you are short on time, you can use canned tomatoes to make this.


We are using regular cooking oil. But, since it is an Italian recipe, olive oil is standard in making the sauce. Italians use olive oil in cooking and never compromise on it. It offers a range of taste profiles, from bitter to slightly sweet.


Onions will not only bring thickness to the sauce but will also add flavours to it. Furthermore, this also helps adjusts the tang of tomatoes. Finally, saute them until they turn transparent.


You cannot imagine an Italian dish without garlic.🧄🧄 It contributes excellently to the flavours and makes the dish aromatic and tempting.

Oregano & Basil

Dry herbs are preferable in this recipe. Therefore, dry oregano and basil are better to use in this. Basil is an evitable ingredient in the majority of Italian recipes. You can dry basil leaves in an oven, keeping them at the lowest temperature, placed on parchment paper. Replace these if you have Italian seasoning.

Salt & Black Pepper

Can you imagine a recipe without this seasoning? It will be bland!😣 Hence, no need to elaborate any more on these ingredients. The quantity is adjustable.

Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste is known as “Stratto” in Sicily, Italy. The paste’s typical use is to thicken & enhance the flavours of this sauce. It will also prevent the sauce from burning, so you need not keep stirring.

Preparing Red Pasta Tomato Sauce

Preparing this sauce is super easy. Since this is a one-pot recipe, you will only have to put everything in it and cook.

Once you heat the oil, you need to saute the onions until it is translucent. Some add black pepper powder in the hot oil before the onion to increase the heat. Then follows garlic.

Then tomatoes are to go after. Again, I recommend a deep vessel to make the sauce, or else the mixture will splash out.

Lastly, add the remaining ingredients to the sauce. To bring out more flavours, add the seasoning ten minutes before it is done.

Stir everything, and voila! Now you need to wait and watch your sauce cooking to your desired consistency.👍👍

Storing Red Pasta Tomato Sauce

This delicious sauce is versatile. That’s the reason why it easily pairs with other recipes. Thus it would help if you kept it ready to make your work easy.

You can make this sauce in large batches and store it for later use. If frozen in the freezer, this will last for about four months. However, if refrigerating it, then it will last for just a week.

Tips For Red Pasta Tomato Sauce

  • Blend tomatoes or hand-crush them. Both of them are viable options.
  • Use a medium-sized carrot to reduce the tanginess or sourness of tomatoes. Put the carrot in the sauce while cooking and later remove it. On the contrary, chop carrots & saute them with other items.
  • Sugar is used to adjust the tanginess. However, it is optional.
  • Use the water drained out after boiling pasta to make this sauce.
  • Use red chilli flakes for extra spiciness.
  • Cut back on the herbs and garlic if storing the sauce for later use. Adding herbs & garlic later on is always an option.
  • We have bell pepper as an ingredient. Chop and saute them with the onions.
  • Drop a little bit of butter along with the seasoning.

Culinary Uses of Red Pasta Tomato Sauce

Americans use this sauce in their famous spaghetti & meatballs recipe.

This sauce is best to apply on the pizza base. You can make spaghetti pasta or penne pasta with it. On this note, you can use this sauce to make chicken, shrimp, or even paneer. All in all, if you need a red base curry, then use this sauce.