After a busy day, one needs a hearty dinner to feel comfortable and get delicious food. So, why not pasta this evening? All these pasta recipes have authentic Indian taste and have a touch of spices.

There are various kinds of sauces, veggies, dressing, and spices used in making all these Indian pasta recipes.

So, let’s get some cheesy, tomato, and pesto base pasta recipes that will win your heart and make you go crazy over your dinner time. Serve it with some juices or cold drinks and enjoy to the fullest.

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Alfredo Pasta

alfredo pasta 2

Alfredo Pasta is an easy and quick veg recipe. It has a creamy texture, and that’s what will make you fall in love with the taste. Also, the alfredo sauce is the real winner here. Kids and youngsters in the house will love this pasta recipe.

Chicken Alfredo Macaroni

Chicken Alfredo Macaroni

Chicken Alfredo Macaroni is creamy and cheesy pasta Indian recipes. Moreover, use any type of pasta or macaroni mixing with alfredo sauce and add chicken that you like the most to elevate the taste and texture of the dish.

Spinach Alfredo Macaroni

spinach Alfredo macroni

Spinach Alfredo Macaroni is a perfect recipe for the date night and a hearty dinner recipe. Also, this is a quick recipe to prepare with spinach and alfredo sauce.

Rasta Pasta

rasta pasta


Rasta Pasta is flavory Indian pasta recipes with coconut milk-based pasta sauce. Moreover, it consists of jerk seasoning, and for color inspiration, it is mixed with bell peppers as well.

Green Bean Pasta Bake

green bean pasta bake


Green Bean Pasta Bake is a favorite family recipe. It’s easy to make with a few ingredients like tomatoes, green beans, basil, chili flakes, and penne pasta. Also, it has fragrant and freshness in it that will leave you stunned.

Roasted Garlic Pantry Pasta

roasted garlic pantry pasta


Roasted Garlic Pantry Pasta is a pleasant and straightforward recipe. Also, it’s a vegan and gluten-free Indian pasta recipe. The color and the texture of the dish are heartwarming, and especially kids in the house will love it.

Lemon Asparagus Pasta Salad

lemon asparagus pasta salad


Lemon Asparagus Pasta Salad is a perfect and healthy recipe. Moreover, it has some fantastic ingredients like asparagus, sweet peas, cherry tomatoes, red onion, parsley, lemon juice, garlic, balsamic vinegar, and salt & pepper.

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

roasted red pepper pasta


Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta is a spicy trail recipe. It’s a vegan dish with some fantastic blend of spices like red pepper, garlic, broth, and cannellini beans. Moreover, it has a creamy texture because of cream cheese and yeast added into it. A very easy to make Indian pasta recipe and with incredible flavors of spices.

Masala Pasta

masala pasta


Masala Pasta is Indian style flavor delicious recipe. It’s quick to make and super easy Indian pasta recipes. Also, the kids will fall in love with it. One can prepare this with tomato and onion base with simple herbs like cumin, garlic, red chili powder, garam masala, Kasuri methi, and salt.

White Pasta Sauce

white sauce pasta


White Pasta Sauce is silky smooth and has a creamy texture. It has maida, butter, and milk to make it a glorious past recipe. Also, it’s effortless to make. One can add some stir fry veggies like carrot, green capsicum, bell peppers, and broccoli. It will give crunchy taste to the pasta.

Pasta Primavera Salad

pasta primavera salad


Pasta Primavera Salad is a beautiful vegetable pasta dish. It’s easy to cook with fresh veggies and refreshing curd-based dressing. Serve it hot and enjoy lunch or dinner meal.

Tomato Spaghetti

tomato spaghetti


Tomato Spaghetti is simple and easy to make Indian style pasta recipes. Moreover, bursting with the flavors of oregano, basil, and cheese puts amazing taste in it. Finger-licking for spaghetti lovers and sure to cook best for kids.

So, go on and make these pasta recipes at home for lunch or dinner. Make the moment with your loved one and plan a date like the food at home.