White Sauce Pasta is an Italian meal recipe that we can also have as a snack. It is a light and digestible dish, even if having a heavy sauce base.

This meal is almost like comfort food for many. However, it is not boring and nutritious with the inclusion of all vegetables. Besides, the white sauce is rich and heavy with its fatty ingredients. Therefore, using whole-wheat pasta will be a healthier option and will make this dish even more nutritious.

It is a vegetarian recipe and is made within 30 minutes. Moreover, the dish is flexible and customizable as well. And you do not need to fuss too much as the recipe is simple.

Ingredients For White Sauce Pasta

#For Boiling#

  • Pasta –  It is the main ingredient of this recipe. Here we are taking the penne pasta. It is the most used in this recipe. However, if you want, you can experiment with this recipe with macaroni pasta.
  • Water – This is to boil the pasta and soften it. Bring the water to a boil before adding the pasta.  Adjust the amount of water as per how much pasta are you using.
  • Salt – It is just to not keep the pasta not plain while eating. One can skip this ingredient.
  • Oil – Oil will keep the pasta from getting too sticky. It, too, can be skipped.

#For Sauce#

  • Butter – The sauce is rich, creamy in texture, and almost silk-like. Butter is a primary reason for this.  If you are using unsalted butter, then you will have to adjust it later.
  • Milk – This will make the base of the sauce. It will be better to use full-fat milk instead of skim milk to get a richer texture for the sauce.
  • All-Purpose Flour – This ingredient will provide more thickness to the sauce. Therefore, it is another base ingredient apart from milk and butter.
  • Seasoning – Black pepper and red chilli flakes are used here in the sauce for flavours. In addition, nutmeg powder will provide some nuttiness and an excellent aroma to it.

#For White Sauce Pasta#

  • Oil – We are using regular cooking oil here. However, you can use olive oil, sesame oil, or any other you prefer.
  • Vegetables – We are using carrot, capsicum, corn, and broccoli. You can add any other vegetables for your liking that goes well with these.
  • Garlic – An Italian dish is incomplete without garlic. So you can add more than we have.
  • Spices – Apart from salt, we are using red chilli flakes, oregano, and black pepper. These will be sufficient for flavours.
  • Milk & Heavy Cream – Both of them will make the base more thick and rich. Usually, heavy cream is not present in the recipe, but there is no harm in using the ingredient. It doubles the delight!
  • Cheese – Why not make the dish even more delightful? Therefore, we are using cheese in it. Your taste buds will have a party!

Preparing White Sauce Pasta

The process of making this pasta recipe might seem to be lengthy, given the list of ingredients. But do not worry! It is straightforward. Furthermore, we will be dividing the whole process into steps to simplify it.

Step 1

In this step, we will be boiling the pasta. For that, we first need to boil water in a vessel. Preferably choose a pan to do it. Boiling pasta in a deep but rounded container may cause it to get sticky.

Once the water is at boiling point, add oil, salt, and pasta. Boil the pasta without covering it with a lid. One thing to note here is that the pasta should be cooked al dente, meaning it should be soft but still firm. Drain the water and keep the pasta aside after you are done. Soak it with cold water in a bowl to cool it down.

Step 2

In this step, we will be making the white sauce, a.k.a bèchamel sauce. To make this, melt butter in a non-stick pan. After that, add all-purpose flour and cook it until bubbles appear. Once done, keep it aside.

Take another non-stick Kadai. Boil milk in it. After boiling, add the sauteed flour to the milk and mix it up. Then pepper, red chilli flakes, nutmeg powder & mix well. Your white sauce is ready. Keep aside.

Step 3

Finally, it’s time to assemble everything and make the pasta. To do that, heat oil in a non-stick kadhai and saute the chopped garlic till it turns aromatic. After that, add capsicum, carrot, broccoli, sweet corn & salt. Mix & saute again.

Now add 3 cups of white sauce. Mix everything properly. Lastly, add the boiled pasta, red chilli flakes, oregano, black pepper, heavy cream & milk. Mix well. Grate cheese as well & cook until it melts. White Sauce Pasta is ready to eat.


  • You can experiment with this recipe by adding meat to it. Chicken or bacon pieces are suitable for this.
  • Even though parmesan cheese is the classic choice but any other cheese will do. Cream cheese will give it a more creamy and silky texture.
  • Steam or roast the vegetables before using them to get better flavours.
  • Any other pasta will be okay to use, but some are better suited for this recipe. For instance, spaghetti pasta will not serve this recipe because it cannot hold the sauce well.
  • Adding mushrooms will also be great to upgrade this recipe. Similarly, herbs will too make it more flavoursome.
  • Using cold milk for the sauce will avoid forming lumps.
  • Those who are vegan can use almond milk to make the white sauce.