Alfredo pasta is one of the easy and quick to make veg recipe. The creamy and cheesy texture makes it even more mouthwatering when served hot.

The veggies and pasta dipped in smooth and silky alfredo sauce will put it into your favorite list. The irresistible Italian taste with veggies of your choice.

The ingredients used in the making are readily available in your home kitchen. There is no reason to delay making this dish as the cooking time is short and ingredients are easily available.

The best thing about alfredo pasta is it is loved by people of all ages; kids, youngster and even elders. You can serve it on regular days or make it on a special occasion for your guest.

Furthermore, it is a great option for working executives though it is men or women who want to make something to eat that is fast and easy.. The sauce is prepared first and then penne pasta is added to the sauce making it the sumptuous alfredo pasta recipe.

Additional seasoning of black pepper is must to give your taste buds a tangy twist. You can also garnish it with some oregano or chili flakes for a different taste.