Chicken Alfredo Macaroni or Alfredo Pasta is a creamy and cheesy Italian recipe that will surely blow your mind. This Macaroni is very simple, no-fuss and easy recipe that you can make at home with very little ingredients. You just need plain macaroni, butter, maida (all purpose flour), some veggies, milk, and cheese.

You can use any plain macaroni, penne pasta or short pasta according to your choice. You can add flavors by adding some Chinese sauces to the chicken if you like.

Loved by people of all ages especially children. Perfect choice for iftar after a long fast or after a long hard day work when aren’t feeling to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare your dinner.

I have added some Indian taste to it as we like a bit of spice to our food. Chicken Alfredo Macaroni is a complete dinner for us. Nothing else required. Whenever I have asked my kids, “what would you like to have?” this is their first choice.

To make Chicken Alfredo Macaroni, Chicken is slightly cooked and added to pasta along with cheesy, creamy and delicious home-made Alfredo sauce made from milk, butter, flour.