Chicken Corn Cutlet is a healthy, nutritious and delicious snack and appetizer that is really easy to prepare and mild on the stomach. Made with boneless chicken, boiled sweet corn, milk, maida (all purpose flour) and other at home ingredients.

Chicken Corn cutlets are really mouthwatering, yummy snack that will be surely loved by all especially children. Great choice for iftar, kitty parties, birthdays or on any kind of occasion.

As it is easily made with at home ingredients, you can make them anytime. After a long day of fast, this scrumptious delight will be easy on your stomach and help you restore your energy levels.

Chicken Corn Cutlet is surely a dish that will make you, your kids and guest go mad for it. Chicken Corn Cutlet has always been everyone’s favorite in my family. We all are just it more and more when it comes to this starter.

Corns are really healthy and have large quantities of fiber that assists in reducing cholesterol, help in preventing colon cancer. Effective for diabetic peoples when taken in right amounts. There is much more to it.