Soubise Sauce Pasta is a fusion recipe with French sauce and Italian pasta. This dish is incredibly delicious, easy to make, and a filling one.

Pasta is originally from Italy, and soubise sauce is an onion-based sauce with French bechamel sauce. This dish can easily make its way to your dining table as one of your preferred food to have. Besides, you do not need to fuss too much to make this recipe. That’s a bonus!

Base For Soubise Sauce Pasta

Bechamel sauce forms the base here. That is cooked with added ingredients and adding pasta to it. If you do not have bechamel sauce prepared, use the heavy cream sauce instead. The added element will be tomato puree in both. That is also the reason for the colour of the sauce.

Flavours in Soubise Sauce Pasta

We are only using salt & pepper and red chilli flakes for flavouring. But if it is too bland for you, you can always use more spices like oregano, paprika, curry powder, or something similar.

We can replace black pepper powder with white pepper powder. Or we can alter the measures of these ingredients.

Soubise Sauce Mac & Cheese

You can have your mac & cheese with this sauce. To do that, cook the sauce first and boil the macaroni pasta. Then add half of the grated cheese you will need for this recipe into the sauce.

Place the pasta in a baking dish and pour the sauce once the cheese melts.

Grate the remaining cheese over the pasta. Bake them in a preheated oven once done. For moisture, you can add some melted butter over it. Or, if you wish to eat it later, you can refrigerate it for up to 3 days.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Vegetables – To make it more filling, you can add vegetables to the dish like carrot or broccoli. If you use them, use steamed or roasted ones for better flavours.
  • Non-veg Version – Similarly, you can also add pieces of boiled meat, chicken, or fish/prawns/shrimps.
  • Variations – Green Garlic Soubise Sauce, Soubise Sauce With Cheese, Three Ingredient Soubise Sauce are some of the variations of the sauce you can have in this recipe.
  • Flavours – To make the dish more flavorful, you can add more ingredients to the sauce. Curry powder, paprika, or other similar spice powder is okay to use.
  • Herbs – If you wish, you can add basil, thyme, rosemary, or even coriander to it.
  • Cooking Pasta – The pasta cooking should be al dente, which means it should be soft but still firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else can I make with soubise sauce other than pasta?

Since it is one of the basic French sauces and a variation of bechamel sauce, it is very versatile.

Though you can use this with different kinds of pasta, it makes for an excellent accompaniment for vegetableseggs, fish, and meats or as a base for casseroles. It is perfect in whatever manner and goes well with roasted or grilled/barbecued meats and with vegetables for cooking.