The Kali Mirch Paneer is a main course gravy item. It’s a sabji that has potent flavours. But first, understand the terms kali Mirch Paneer (काली मिर्च पनीर).

Black pepper is what we call kali mirch in the Hindi language. In short kali mirch paneer is black pepper paneer. Now let me tell you some exciting things about the taste & texture of this recipe.

How’s the Taste of the Kali Mirch Paneer?

Although it has black pepper, it is still mildly hot & spicy. To put it differently, it’s less teekha. There’s a reason behind why this particular dish has a mild taste. The base of the gravy has boiled & crushed onions. The hot water in which onions are boiled is strained so that the intense flavour of onions goes away.

Secondly, the quantity of black pepper is under control. It’s totally up to you how much teekha you want the kali Mirch paneer to be.

How’s the Texture of the Kali Mirch Paneer?

In one word – Amazing!😋😋😋

The overall recipe has a smooth white texture with a very light pink hue. The white texture is all because of the boiled onions & cashews. To maintain this particular texture, we will eliminate the colourful masala powders. There’s Kashmiri red chilli powder or the garam masala if you look closely. Not even the turmeric powder.

A step further, we will also take out the whole spices used in the boiling process before grinding. Again, watch the recipe video & you will know it. Hence, eliminating the masala powders & whole spice will effortlessly maintain the whitish light pink texture.

Okay, now, let’s proceed to the item list.

Making  Onion Paste

The onion paste is the main ingredient in this recipe. So do not worry if your onions are teekha. Ultimately, we will drain all the teekhapan of the onions with water after boiling them. So here’s what you need to make the onion paste.

  • Onions – They are the base of our paste &, later on, the gravy. If you have white onions, go with it, or use the regular ones as I did. We require a total of four medium size halved onions.
  • Green Masala – I call them the hara masala. For this, we require green chilli, whole ginger & ginger-garlic paste. All in all, we will use ginger twice. In short, more ginger & less garlic. Remove green after boiling & before grinding.
  • Whole Spice – We need bay leaf & two green cardamoms here. If you have black cardamom, then it is well & good. If not, then go with the green ones. Remove both of them after boiling & before grinding.
  • Dry Fruit – Cashews with boiled onions will make the base of the paste. Moreover, it will help maintain the white texture of the gravy throughout. Do not swap cashews with other dry fruits like almonds, apricot or walnut.

Making Gravy

Trust me, it’s damn easy & surprisingly, there are fewer items we need.

  • Oil & Butter – We will fry recipe ingredients in both cooing oil & butter. To integrate smoothness, we will use butter. However, you can always opt-in for either of them that best suits you.
  • Black Pepper Powder – Black pepper powder is the primary flavouring agent for this recipe. Crush 8-10 whole black peppercorns to make powder. Even if it is a coarse powder, it will do. Hence, don’t worry about making it ultra-fine powder.
  • Black Pepper Paneer – We will need 200 grams of black pepper paneer. It is flavoured paneer. You won’t find it at the supermarkets or a local dairy, so we need to make it. Hence, refer to the links mentioned above at the beginning of the ingredient list.
  • Salt & Water – Needless to say, salt is for taste. On the other hand, water adjusts the consistency of the gravy. Therefore, add gradually.

TR’s Extra Shots for Kali Mirch Paneer

Since we make the black pepper paneer in white gravy, you will require a helping hand. Here are some helpful tips to speed up the cooking process & deliver the exact results. Please read them before you begin the cooking.

  • Onion Paste – It is necessary to remove cardamom, green chilli, & bay leaf. Otherwise, they will bring down the whiteness of the paste.
  • Black Pepper – This spice has a strong taste; hence use it cautiously. Add gradually as needed.
  • Black Pepper Paneer – This is a special kind of homemade panner. Besides, it isn’t available at supermarkets. So you will have to make it all by yourself.
  • Masala Powder – Do not add masala powders other than those mentioned in this recipe. They will ruin the white gravy colour. All of them are carefully selected.
  • White Gravy – Overcooking the white gravy will quickly turn it dark. Also, avoid cooking the same on a higher flame. Low to medium flame is ideal.

Kali Mirch Paneer FAQs

Now we come to the final section of today’s recipe. The faqs below will help you understand the recipe better. Hence, please read them before you begin the cooking procedure. Here are the faqs for you.

Is the kali Mirch paneer too spicy?

No, it is not. It is smooth & buttery. Everyone in your family members can eat it, including the kids.

Can children eat this black peppercorn paneer dish?

Yes, children can eat it. However, you can always reduce the number of black peppercorns. Adjust the taste so that children can eat it.

Why my gravy is dark in colour?

There are two reasons. Either you have added extra masala powders or overcooked the gravy. Even cooking the gravy on a high flame can change the colour.

How to improve the dark texture of the gravy?

Add cashew paste or Amul cream. However, doing this will improve the texture but alter the taste. Hence, act wisely.

What is the substitute for green cardamom?

Black cardamom is the perfect flavourful substitute for green cardamom. But don’t grind the black cardamom with boiled onions. Instead, remove it before grinding, or it will ruin the white colour.

Can I use ghee instead of oil & butter?

Yes, you can cook the kali Mirch paneer in ghee. Adjust the quantity of ghee according to the oil/butter.

Where do I find black pepper paneer?

Regular paneer in pepper flavour is our black pepper paneer. You won’t find it at a local dairy or supermarket. Make your black pepper paneer at home.

Can I use regular white paneer instead of black pepper paneer?

Yes, you can use regular white paneer. However, you must modify how many peppercorns go in gravy to do this.