Mango milkshake is a tempting & cool shake simply made with blending alphonso mango cubes with milk.  It is a smooth fruit drink served chilled in glasses. Garnished with some ripe mango pieces on the top.

You can serve it with mango ice cream and some cream on the top. Mangos are called as king of all fruits & you know why because the taste is outrageous.

There are around more than 20 different varieties of Indian Mango. But Indian Alphonso mangoes are famous around the world. You cannot have a better taste the Alphonso.

Mango milkshake is a three-ingredient drink. Pieces of fresh mangoes & the smooth texture of the shake makes it delectable. There will be very few persons on earth who will deny this heavenly milkshake.

Ramadan and the mango both come together. You can enjoy this milkshake with your friends and family for iftar and make some awesome mango desserts like Mango Cream Dessert.