Anjeer milkshake is a complete milkshake fully loaded with health benefits. You can indulge in a sweet affair with this amazing milkshake. You can try adding other flavors as well like Vanilla, Saffron or cardamom.

A quick & healthy recipe, suitable for people of all ages. In this recipe, we have used fresh soaked figs crushed with milk & sugar syrup.

We have made it simple and easy to make for all of you so that you can instantly have it & move on with your work schedule.

Anjeer milkshake is good for serving it in evening time around 5 pm when most of us feel hungry. You can have this healthy shake to fill energy in your body.

Great iftar drink that will help you balance your sugar levels. Anjeer is loaded with essential vitamins, mineral & fiber. It is an amazing choice for diabetic people too. If you want to lose weight, the fig will be the best choice for you.

Make this wonderful healthy milkshake & feed your body nutrients.

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