Kaju Anjeer Milkshake is a creamy nice milkshake & with many nutritional values. It tastes scrumptious when the chewy fig comes into your mouth. The thickness of the shake is real the goodness.

Cashews are high in iron which protects your muscles and controls blood sugar. Fig is similarly a source of natural sugar & a good source of antioxidents vitamins.

Kaju Anjeer milkshake is an amazing choice for the people who love healthy shakes & especially it is best for elders in the house. It serves them with energy and helpful in curing an upset stomach.

Whole day preparing for iftar in this sizzling hot temperature, give yourself a royal treat at iftar by making this amazing milkshake.

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Anjeer milkshake is a complete milkshake fully loaded with health benefits. You can indulge in a sweet affair with this amazing milkshake. You can try adding other flavors as well like Vanilla, Saffron or cardamom.