Chocolate banana milkshake is one of the tummy fillings milkshakes. Rich taste that will make you lose your mind. Combination of banana and chocolate is just amazing.

Banana is rich in nutrients which are healthy for your heart and also helpful in digestion. It hardly takes 2 minutes to prepare this healthy drink. Mixing banana, cocoa powder, and ice into a mixer jar and it is done

Great for kids and women looking to gain weight. Feeling lazy and don’t want to cook anything for your breakfast, then this can be your perfect choice.

Being thick you can make it for iftar as it gives an instant boost of energy and keeps your tummy filled for 3-4 hours.

Make this amazing Chocolate banana milkshake this summer for your kids and give them a healthy vacation. Physical activity of kid’s increase during vacation and thus this milkshake can help them maintain their energy levels.