Love hurts. But chocolate doesn’t. You can’t ditch a chocolate treat. I would rather ditch diet. Oh, wait! Ditching chocolate won’t disturb your diet lifestyle.

According to scientific study, Chocolate is made of cocoa beans that balance your heart level & is a true mechanic of your mental floss.

So many benefits out of these irresistible chocolate treats?

If you are a true chocolate lover-  try these 8 chocolate sweet treats.

Keep calm, relax your mind & simply click the images for the recipe.

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1. Double Chocolate Pudding



This will be a family treat pudding. Mostly, chocolates are made on Sundays as everybody is available to take heavenly bites. This double chocolate pudding is soft in taste and it has a deep chocolate layer. Very deep!

2. Peppermint Hot Fudge Sunday

peppermint hot fudge Sunday


If you like all mix it up with chocolate- make fudge this Sunday. This delicious treat has a peppermint flavor in chocolate fudge, ice cream as toppings & scrambled cookies in it.

3. Cookie Dough Cheesecake

cookie dough cheesecake


Okay! 3 layers into it. The first brownie then silkens cheesecake and on the top – it’s eggless cookies. A perfect full pack of happiness.

4. Chocolate Galaxy Bark

chocolate galaxy bark


This is literally eye catchy for chocolate lovers. The real chocolate is eaten with a new shape and mixed with new colors. Nothing I can say more. Check out the recipe.

5. Triple Chocolate Scones

triple chocolate scones


Scones are easy to bake. These will make a great dessert dish called triplet chocolate. They are sweetened enough to justice chocolate lovers. The chocolate chips are studded deep in these scones to give you triple feeling.

6. Chocolate Fondue



Some desserts are so simple to make yet so delicious than unusual one. You can have a chocolate sauce with n number of varieties like brownie cake, fruit cake, apples, pineapples & banana, waffles and what not. Just dip anything in the chocolate sauce and get the heavenly taste ever. You can use Schmitten Chocolates as a sauce to make it taste even better.

7. Chocolate Waffle



If something I love eating with chocolate then it will always be waffle. This is the most decent dessert ever. The waffles are not too much sweetened and it top with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. You can put strawberries too. Enjoy the chocolatey feeling.

8. Death By Chocolate Pancake



Pancakes are breakfast desserts easily made & enjoyed with honey or wafer biscuits on the top. I tell you one fine reason why pancakes are delicious because it is dipped in chocolate syrup.

Wake up chocolate lovers and try these recipes on coming Sunday. I bet you won’t leave a single piece of dessert in your plate!

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The image is taken from Schmitten chocolate website.