Raksha Bandhan Chocolate Truffles are delicious and softballs are perfect for special occasions. These are simple chocolaty balls prepared with white chocolate, cream, unsalted butter, condensed milk, and flavoured with coconut.

It’s yummy and perfect for kids. Even the garnishing is special. All the white chocolate truffles are garnished with various kinds of crumbs. I have used multi-colour confetti, oreo cookie crumb, digestive biscuit crumb, and shredded coconut.

Every bite will give you a different texture in the mouth. You can always serve it on some special occasions like festivals, birthday parties, and social gatherings or even present it as Valentine’s gift.

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Every kid in the house is mad behind the white chocolate and they will love it, even more, when the presentation is good. In fact, all women’s favourite food is chocolate. It completely satisfies your tastebuds and also gives you ooey-gooey feelings.

So, let’s try these Raksha Bandhan chocolate coconut truffles at home. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Dipping The Raksha Bandhan Chocolate Truffles

Dipping these truffles can be a messy affair. Therefore, before making the truffles,  make sure you freeze them for at least 1 hour. The texture will become stiffer so you can roll the balls and then present them with your favourite garnishing ingredients.

Moreover, instead of using a spoon to dip the balls in the melted chocolate bowl, you use a fork. The reason is that it will not use more melted chocolate than necessary over one ball. The extra chocolate will slip off from between the gaps of the tines.

However, if you deliberately want to have more chocolate then definitely use a spoon. Or to make the truffles extra sweet dip them in white chocolate rather than regular or dark chocolate.

Variations For Chocolate Truffles

These truffles are not only an easy recipe with fewer ingredients but also flexible as well. There are endless possibilities to experiment with and customise these chocolate truffles by changing the ingredients.

You can add any fruit as the main ingredient to dominate the flavour. Or you can also add the digestive biscuits or oreo biscuits crumbs to the mixture. Add peppermint for a peppermint chocolate truffle. Keep coffee as the dominant flavour in them and it will be tiramisu truffles. For more ideas, you can refer to this article.

In fact, you can even make these truffles in vegan form. Replace every dairy product with its dairy-free or vegan counterpart. Instead of milk (if you are using) use coconut milk. There are also vegan chocolates available in the market. Similarly, there is also a vegan option available for condensed milk. This way you can make vegan chocolate truffles.

How To Store The Raksha Bandhan Chocolate Truffles?

You would definitely want to eat them till you have gobbled the last bits of this sweet delight. However, they can only last up to a certain period of time.

If you store them in an airtight container and put them away in a refrigerator these will remain edible for a week. Yet we advise you to finish them before that, as soon as you can.

TR’s Extra shots

  • Initially, when you are mixing the coconut and condensed milk, the mixture will appear dry. Do not worry and keep mixing. Once done it should be sticky enough to roll in the balls.
  • As mentioned above, keep the balls in the refrigerator for around an hour. This will set the shape firm and better. Also, it will make coating them with chocolate easier.
  • Either desiccated or shredded coconut is fine to make these truffles. However, with shredded coconut, you may need more condensed milk.
  • You can have any type of coating you prefer. We have provided a variety of options for them. Or you can also opt for no coating at all if you prefer.
  • Lastly, you can add nuts, chocolate chips or fruit pieces to the mixture of condensed milk and coconut. Or anything else you think will go well.

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