Raksha Bandhan Chocolate Coconut Truffles are delicious and softballs perfect for special occasions. These are simple chocolaty balls prepare with white chocolate, cream, unsalted butter, condensed milk, and flavored with coconut.

It’s yummy and perfect for kids. Even the garnishing is special. All the white chocolate truffles are garnished with various kinds of crumbs. I have used multi-color confetti, oreo cookie crumb, digestive biscuit crumb, and shredded coconut.

Every bite will give you different texture in the mouth. You can always serve it on some special occasions like festivals, birthday parties, social gatherings for even present it as a Valentine gift.

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Every kid in the house is mad behind the white chocolate and they will love it, even more, when the presentation is good. In fact, all women’s favorite food is chocolate. It completely satisfies your tastebuds and also gives you ooey-gooey feelings.

So, let’s try this Raksha Bandhan chocolate coconut truffles at home. It doesn’t make more than 30 minutes. But before making the truffles, make sure you freeze it for at least 1 hour. The texture will become stiffer so you can roll the balls and then present it with your favorite garnishing ingredients.

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