Cream cheese is a mild-tasting cheese that is prepared with milk and usually creams. Some people also use the lemon or curd to make this cheese. It is soft and creamy in texture and tangy cheesy in taste.

The cream cheese we get in markets is quite expensive. And people do not make it at home as they either think it is hard and too much fuss. But guess what? It absolutely is not.

Making it at home is not that difficult as one may think. And trust me it saves so much of your money. Besides, the ingredients you’ll need to make it is already available in your fridge.

Also, one can prepare by milk curdled by lemon. Here we have shown the easiest way to make at home, with literally just two ingredients. The main works lays in the straining of the water content from the curdled milk.

Usually, it is for baking purposes. But it can as well be used as nice spreading on your sandwiches and burgers too. You can also use the cream as well to get a more rich and smooth texture. Moreover, you can add a little seasoning in it to get it more flavorful. Or you add garlic powder to it, then it will be garlic cream cheese.

Store it in a glass container so that you can have the cream cheese at hand as and when needed. Moreover, vanilla essence is optional. If your cream cheese is grainy add 3 to 4 tablespoon of water that you drained out of the curds. Blend after adding the water. The cream cheese texture will improve. Just add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and then taste. If you would like it saltier then feel free to add more.

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