Milk Powder Instant Mawa is next after milk mawa in the series of cooking basics. You can refer to the milk mawa recipe when you plan to make sweet dishes. The mawa recipe written here is a bit different compared to the earlier one.

So, let’s answer your queries regarding the milk powder instant mawa.

Why milk powder for mawa?

Because one can make the Mawa almost instantly. And when you have an instant recipe the number of ingredients is less. Mawa aka khoya in Hindi is a base ingredient frequently used in customary Indian sweets.

However, instant mawa using milk powder is a hybrid version of the original mawa made out of milk. To get fatafat mawa all you need to do is mix milk powder & milk with 2 tablespoon ghee. Boil the mixture till solid & ta-dah!

Your milk powder instant mawa is ready.

But wait there’s a difference between mawa made using milk powder & authentic mawa made using only milk. Let’s see what they are.

Milk powder Instant Mawa v/s Milk Mawa

Both the above-mentioned recipes have a unique set of differences & similarities. Having said that, the end result is the same. Despite that, the end result may vary depending on the ingredients & the making process. I will walk you through them one by one. Let’s get started.


Milk is a common ingredient in both of them. The difference is in the quantity. In milk mawa, you need 1 litre or more milk whereas instant mawa requires just 125 ml of milk.


Ghee is totally optional in both the mawa recipes. Yet, I would advise you to use it. In milk mawa, ghee is used to grease the pan/kadhai to prevent the milk from burning.

Whereas I haven’t greased my pan or kadhai with ghee while making instant mawa. I have just added it to a preheated pan & mixed it with the milk.

Milk Powder

The milk mawa doesn’t require milk powder. It’s the instant mawa that requires milk powder. This is the only difference while making mawa 2 ways.

The Making Process

Milk mawa requires more than an hour. First, you have to boil the full-fat milk till it is half while stirring continuously. When the milk is half you will have to boil it furthermore to make it solid. This is how authentic mawa is made.

Instant mawa has fewer hardships. Mix ghee, milk & milk powder. Boil & stir till solid. That’s it.  Your instant mawa is ready.

The bottom line  – it is the process that makes both milk & instant mawa different.

Things Needed For Instant Mawa

I have already discussed above which ingredients go in this fatafat mawa recipe. It’s just ghee, milk & milk powder. You will need only 3 items to make quick mawa. Out of all the 3 items, it’s the milk powder that needs special attention.

Milk Powder in Instant Mawa

Based on my experience I have found that milk powder when heated or boiled becomes sticky. The reason being it is in continuous touch with hot bottoms of pans & kadhai. This might even burn milk powder if the bottoms are thin.

Hence, to avoid this issue you may dilute milk powder with milk or other liquids. But sooner or later the water content in the mixture will evaporate. As a result, the milk powder dry will dry in no time. What’s the solution?

I would suggest you add ghee or cream just like I did. It will grease the hot bottoms of the pans or kadhai. Moreover, it will prevent the milk powder from burning.

I guess every single detail is been covered by me here. If there’s anything you want to tell me then reach out in the comment section. Watch the instant mawa recipe video thoroughly before actually making it. It will help.

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