Unsalted White Butter is a food product that is made with whisking milk fats. It looks and has a texture very similar to whipped cream. This is a must in every North Indian household.

The white butter is pure and without any color or added preservatives. Not even salt is added here to have any flavor. This butter is flavorless and smooth, silky in texture.

For variations, you can add salt or even pepper. It will taste really nice. If you have garlic powder, then adding it will make this garlic butter.

Unsalted White butter can be used in baking cakes or making biscuits. All these variated butter will make it a nice spread in your sandwiches, burgers, or just on plain bread.

Making it in your home may sound difficult and exhausting. It may have been both back in the old days. But not anymore. The process is now much quick and easy because of blenders and processors.

In Punjab, butter is applied to every kind of parathas. Or, in fact, they have it with any kind of food recipes. So it is hard to imagine them without this white butter at hand.

Butter is usually derived from whole full-fat milk as we have done. But some may even make this from curd.

This butter needs to be derived from milk in every half a month, or a month at most. You need to properly refrigerate it to have a longer expiry date.

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