Nimbu Pani is the most reached-out drink in summer.  It is a simple, quick & refreshing drink.  Nimbu Pani is popularly known as lemonade across the world.

However, it’s a Thanda-Thanda Cool-Cool drink here in India. 😁😁😁  Let me tell you, nimbu pani was way before soft drinks companies came up with their ideas.

Even though it is a middle-Eastern drink, Indians have made it their own easily.  And why won’t we do it?  This simple drink has so much to offer to us.  It has become the perfect drink to quench your thirst in summer.

Not only does it taste incredible, but it also helps us fight the scorching summer weather in India.  At the same time, it also provides us with energy and refreshments, preventing us from dehydration.

How To Have Nimbu Pani?

There are no restrictions on how to have this refreshing drink.  You need to have it at any specific time or with a particular food.  Yup!  You can have nimbu pani any time & anywhere.

Want to detoxify your body?  Have it in the morning.  Want to get refreshed and re-energized during the day?  Just go and drink it.

Refrigerate it in a water bottle, which will be cooler like never before.  Here are three ways for you.

3 Different Ways Make To Nimbu Pani

It is a wholesome drink in itself.  But do you want to make it more awesome?  There are several things we can do about that.

In general, Nimbu Pani in India comes in two forms.  One is sweet (the majority of the time), and the other is salty.  But there are different ways to make it as well.

Once done, we are going to have quite some variations for this.  Speaking of which, did you know that there are variations for lemonade?  We even have a pink and hard lemonade, prevalent in western countries.

Mint or Pudina Nimbu Pani

Adding mint to this coolant will provide you with minty lemonade.  In other words, Mint Nimbu Pani. So, all in all, you get two flavours: the tangy one and the fresh mint.

I like the khatta-meetha taste.

Lemon or Nimbu Soda

It might not be the ideal way to have it.  But this spicy beverage is also an excellent way to treat digestive problems.

Moreover, the inclusion of masala powders works like a quick desi antidote for better digestion.  Coriander powder, black pepper, chaat masala, cumin powder & black salt are a few.

Lemonade is quite popular in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, etc.  Excluding the spices, of course!

Coconut Nimbu Pani or Sikanji

The coastal regions of India are more likely to serve lemonade like this.  It’s a famous drink in the streets of Mumbai.  Mumbaikars are fond of it & unless you don’t try, you won’t find out.

Now, there are two methods to make this.  Either you can add spices and squeeze lemon in the coconut water itself.  Or you can use the tender flesh of the coconut in readymade lemonade.  Both will taste awesome!😋😋

Tips to Make Nimbu Pani Better

  • Add lemon zest to the syrup to increase the intensity of lemon flavour.  You can strain it later on after the syrup is cold enough.
  • Add extra lemon juice if the Nimbu Pani is way sweeter than you like.
  • Don’t use cold water to dissolve sugar.  It can get troublesome sometimes.
  • If using honey, use half a cup for every cup of lemon juice.  Again, adjust this ratio as per your taste.
  • Fresh lemon juice is better but bottled lemon juice, i.e. store-bought, is also okay.
  • Do not refrigerate your nimbu pain with ice cubes in it.  It can dilute the drink.