Mint nimbu pani is popularly known as mint lemonade. It’s a middle eastern drink and referred to as nimbu pani. When we add mint (pudina) to lemonade (nimbu pani), we get mint nimbu pani. Simple, isn’t it?

In short, water, sugar, and freshly squeezed lemon juice are the base. Once you prepare the base, you can add fresh herbs like mint, basil, and coriander to make flavourful refreshing drinks.

In the same way, you can also add fresh fruit juice, pulp or fruit crush. That’s how fruit juice with lemonade is made.

Now that we know different lemonade varieties, let’s check out some interesting facts about it.

Mint Nimbu Pani in Different Countries

It’s a refreshing summer drink quite famous globally. But there are different versions of this lemon drink. Let me tell you what they are:

  • Ireland, Australia & New Zealand refer to carbonated lemon-flavoured soft drinks just like Sprite.
  • The Americans call it cloudy lemonade, which is fizzy.
  • Lemonade is Limonana in Israel, Syria, Lebanon, or Jordan. It’s a local variety that includes crushed mint leaves.
  • If you order lemonade in the UK or Russia, you get Sprite. The Brits also have pink lemonade.
  • The Canadian version is the sweetened, non-carbonated lemon juice with water.
  • The German version is crazy. Germans treat Cola as lemonade.
  • Citronnade (citron + lemonade) is what the French people drink. It is a non-carbonated drink. A carbonated drink similar to Sprite or 7up is called white lemonade.
  • In the Netherlands, it’s a mix between syrup and water.
  • People of Finland call Limonadi which is any carbonated soft drink.

Now that we know what mint nimbu pani is, let’s go through the ingredient list.

Variations To Enjoy Mint Nimbu Pani

It is refreshing and delightful as it is. But there are ways to make this even more tempting and tasty. Let’s have a look at what they are!

Masala Mint Nimbu Pani

The version of the drink we made is simple and has almost no spices. However, you can add spices to it as per your preferences.

Black salt and cumin powder are commonly added to this. Moreover, coriander powder, black pepper powder, and chaat masala will be great to use in it. The spices will taste strong on your tongue. Adjust the sweetness accordingly.

If it fares well with you, add ginger to the drink. Fresh ginger is slightly peppery & sweet. Moreover, it has an intense and spicy aroma. All this adds up to your lemonade, making it tastier.

Sour or tart drinks stimulate our salivary glands. This way, it relieves a dry mouth in scorching heat when we are tired & dehydrated.

You can add soda to this too. It will be best for digestive problems.

Coconut Mint Nimbu Pani

This is the variation most people living in coastal regions try. It is simple to make this variation. You just need to add coconut water instead of plain water along with other ingredients. Adjust the other ingredients as per your taste. However, this variation only consists of sugar, ice, and coconut water.

Sometimes, the tender coconut flesh is also added to plain nimbu pani. If you think it will go well with this, you can add that too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use sparkling instead of plain water?

That is possible to do. However, keep in mind to avoid making the drink too much in advance, or the sparkle in the water will fade away.

Can I make this in advance?

You can prepare the base of the drink in advance. You can store the mint paste for later use. Then add water to it when you want to drink it later.

Making Mint Summer Drink

The making process is simple. Mix all ingredients, add ice cubes and serve chilled.

So, that was it with the mint nimbu pani recipe today.

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