Kachi Keri ka Sharbat is a refreshing and tempting drink for summer. However, it is equally soothing and rejuvenating enough for you to enjoy.

Raw mango or Kachi Keri is excellent for keeping your body hydrated. Hence, this drink will be a great option to add to your iftar menu.

Ramadan falls during the summer season. And it is also the season for mangoes. So how can you not take advantage of this fact!?

Raw mango juice or sharbat has a natural heat-resistant capacity and controls your body temperature. And during the fast, our body heat increases because of lack of water—the main reason to try this juice for iftar.

Why Should You Make Kachi Keri Ka Sharbat?

This drink is much capable of keeping your body hydrated and protecting it from heatstroke, just like Aam Panna or Gud ka sharbat.

It is a healthy and tasty recipe to try, which will prevent your body from losing sodium chloride and iron.

It is not just for iftar but also a great refreshment after a workout session. Besides, with just how easy is it to make and how quickly we can prepare this, there is no excuse not to try this.

This juice also helps with digestive problems, which we need. And vitamin C in the raw mango is a remedy for many health-related issues.

But the unique part about this drink is we are not adding any sweetening agent, which means no extra added calories.

Variations For Kachi Keri ka Sharbat

This juice can also come with variations of your liking.

Most people prefer to make this by boiling the raw mango pieces to a pulp, similar to aam Panna, and then pouring them in sugar syrup. You can do that. However, I don’t recommend it as it will change the taste of the raw mangoes.

You can make this sweet, but it will rob of its X factor.

Salt & Pepper and sometimes spice powder is also added to the drink. It will surely add to the flavours. But since we are not using a sweetening agent, the additional flavours will be sharp and overbearing to taste. So do it at your own risk.

Add soda or sprite to make it more of an electrifying party drink. You will get a version of mango mojito.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Raw Mango – You can use any raw mango to make this.
  • Serving – To make it more appealing, grate some raw mango in the end while serving.
  • Tang – Make sure the mangoes are tangy enough and not fibrous.
  • Cooling Agent – Some lemon juice and mint leaves will make it even more cooling.

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