Cucumber Lemonade: Cucumber, Lemon, Soda & Salt. Easy, Huh! Well, yes and cooler than classic lemonade.

The weather is unpredictable this year, and summer is pretty punishing.🌞 Wearing a thin sleeveless t-shirt or shorts is not enough to keep us cool🥵🥵. Hence, to do that, there is one thing we scream for…


Of course, the aircon is cooling enough. But how long will you keep it on for the whole day and be lazy? Besides, it certainly doesn’t cool you inside. On the other hand, ice-creams can be a cool-cool option, provided it doesn’t bulk your tummy.

Thus, lemonade is your next best option. However, we are taking this awesomeness a step further. That is, by adding cucumber to it.

Benefits Of Cucumber Lemonade

  • It helps provides your system with hydration.
  • This lemonade can also help in weight loss.
  • The lemons in it contain vitamin in abundance C, which boosts immunity.
  • Lemons also are detoxifiers. It cleanses the liver and improves digestive health.
  • Cucumbers possess antioxidants that help with chronic health diseases.
  • Lemonade will help regulate blood pressure as it has a high electrolyte potassium level.

Tips For Cucumber Lemonade

  • One can use granulated sugar or powder sugar to sweeten this lemonade.
  • We can use rock Salt & sugar to make it a sweet and salty drink.
  • Using sugar syrup is another alternative to using sugar to make it sweet.
  • Honey is a healthy substitute to use as a sweetener.
  • If the mint flavour is dominant in your lemonade, excluding cucumber, it will be Mint Nimbu Pani.
  • Soda can be an optional ingredient.
  • You can experiment with different flavours like raspberries, strawberries, oranges, mangoes, etc., to gain different versions of simple lemonade, as we did with cucumber.
  • It will taste best if you drink this lemonade chilled.
  • You can make this as a cocktail too. Add vodka to it (or any other alcohol you think will go best.) Jin will be good if you like it sweet, mild, and, of course, with bubbles.