Cucumber Lemonade: Cucumber, Lemon, Soda & Salt. Easy, Huh! Well, yes and cooler than classic lemonade.

The weather is unpredictable this year, and summer are pretty punishing.🌞 Wearing a thin sleeveless t-shirt or shorts is not enough to keep us cool🥵🥵. Hence, to do that, there is one thing we scream for…


Of course, the aircon is cooling enough. But how long will you keep it on for the whole day and be lazy? Besides, it certainly doesn’t cool you inside. On the other hand, ice-creams can be a cool-cool option, provided it doesn’t bulk your tummy.

Thus, lemonade is your next best option. However, we are taking this awesomeness a step further. That is, by adding cucumber to it.

Ingredients List of Cucumber Lemonade

The ingredients list is concise here. Therefore, you can quickly get started on this refreshment.


The upholder of this recipe. We are pureeing it in this recipe. If you like to feel some chunks, crush them and add them to the drink—no need to filter.

Rock Salt

Now, most of the lemonade is sweet in flavour. But here, we are not preparing it sweet. So, therefore, using rock salt!

Though it’s up to you, you can either make it sweet or sour. Well, if there’s no rock salt, use regular white salt or black salt.

Mint Paste

Mint is also a cooling agent in lemonade. Instead of whole mint leaves, we will use mint paste. Above all, you can crush the mint leaves & use them. Mint tastes sweet & produces a lingering cool effect on the tongue.

Lemon Juice in Cucumber Lemonade

What’s a lemonade without including lemons, right? Though here we are using fresh lemon juice. Store-bought will be okay as well. However, we recommend fresh lemon juice.


This ingredient will make the lemonade more interesting. If you do not want to use soda, use icy-chilled water or sparkling water instead. On the contrary, adding sprite makes it a mocktail.

Cucumber Slices & Mint Leaves

Both of them are to garnish & enhance the taste of our lemonade. Don’t add extra mint leaves or cucumber. They will overpower & destroy the authentic taste of the beverage.

Tips For Cucumber Lemonade

  • Granulated sugar or powdered sugar can be used to sweeten this lemonade.
  • Rock Salt & sugar can both be used to make this recipe.
  • Using sugar syrup is another alternative to use sugar to make it sweet.
  • Honey is a healthy substitute to use as a sweetener.
  • If the mint flavour is dominant in your lemonade, excluding cucumber, it will be Mint Nimbu Pani.
  • Soda can be an optional ingredient.
  • You can experiment with different flavours like raspberries, strawberries, oranges, mangoes, etc., to gain different versions of simple lemonade, as we did with cucumber.
  • It will taste best if you drink this lemonade chilled.
  • You can make this as a cocktail too. Add vodka to it (or any other alcohol you think will go best.) Jin will be good if you like it sweet and mild, and of course with bubbles.

So, that is it for this recipe. There’s a recipe card too. Download it on your smartphone & make this dish on the go. If you like this recipe, share it with your friends & family members.