Watermelon Apple Juice is a refreshing and delicious drink perfect for hot summer days. The sweet, tangy, and a little bit sour taste will be a treat for your tongue.

Watermelon is filled with water content and is highly cooling for us. Moreover, apples are already very healthy and nutritious. Both of these combined in this cooling drink will not be enjoyable but also a great healthy beverage.

Ingredients For Watermelon Apple Juice

Ingredients are minimal, and the process also is straightforward. So let’s go through them quickly.


It is the star of our recipe. Choose a medium or small size of a watermelon. Use the larger one only when you have to make the drink in more quantity.  Or else, you will not be able to complete it on your own.😜😜


It is, of course, to add sweetness to the drink. Even if this is a skippable ingredient, it will be good to add it. Watermelon needs to be extra sweet if you are planning on skipping sugar. Adding apple will reduce the sweetness.


Another one of the main ingredients. This ingredient is going to add some tartiness to your drink. One apple will be enough if your watermelon size is small or medium. Otherwise, it would help if you had more apples.

Rock Salt & Cumin Powder

These ingredients will help to balance the sweetness and adding more flavours. You will be experiencing sourness and sharp tastes. And since cumin is roasted, it adds a little bit of smokiness too.

Mint Leaves

It makes the drink more refreshing. It is for garnishing purposes, hence skippable. But if you want to add more, you can crush them and then add in the drink.

Preparing Watermelon Apple Juice

The juice will become ready instantly. It is so easy that even a novice can prepare this without any problem.

Just cut the watermelon into pieces. Remove the seeds as much as you can. Blend them in a mixer jar with rock salt and sugar.

Empty it then in a bowl. Add roasted cumin powder and ice cubes to it and mix them. Now the final step is to peel the apple’s skin and grate it in the watermelon juice.

And you are done!🙌 Easy, right?

Tips For Making Watermelon Apple Juice

  • The proportion of the ingredients is adjustable.
  • Add lemon juice to make it more tangy & enjoyable. Additionally, a piece of ginger will boost the flavour.
  • If you increase the number of mint leaves and crush them in the juice, they will be watermelon apple mint juice.
  • You can try this drink by adding cucumber or beetroot. Likewise, you can add other fruits to make different variations.
  • It is also possible to make this juice by blending all the ingredients at once. Grating apple is to add some crunch to your tongue.
  • If you add green apple, beetroot, and chilli pepper (yes, you read right!), you will get the Mexican version of this drink. Similarly, they experiment with fruits like cantaloupe, mango, pineapple, strawberry, grapes, and many more.

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