Dark Chocolate Truffle is extremely creamy, royal, and crunchy in taste. These are lovely confetti covered balls that you will love to serve in parties.

It’s very simple to make and set it in refrigerate until your party starts. These are perfect, quick, easy, and chocolatey balls and even best for holiday gifts. Moreover, this only two-ingredient recipe that even kids can make.

One can prepare these dark chocolate truffles with condensed milk, and cocoa powder. You can also use white chocolate, whipped cream, Chocolate syrup, or confetti for garnishing.

You put into these yummy balls and it just melts into your mouth like that. It’s a perfect treat for birthday parties, social gatherings, dinner dates, or Valentine celebrations. For every occasion, these balls are the perfect treat.

Moreover, the texture is so smooth and rich that it put every chocolate lover’s food emotions high. Also, these balls are hand-rolled and sprinkled with cocoa powder so it gets the best texture.

The cocoa powder and condensed milk will create a thick texture so that you can easily roll the balls.

The condensed milk is already sweet hence we haven’t added extra sugar. However, you can always add extra sugar to the cocoa powder mixture to make it extra sweet. After making dark chocolate truffle out of the dough you can freeze them overnight so that it becomes hard and enjoyable later on with your friends and family.

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