Oreo mousse is another great alternative for regular chocolate mousse. It is an easy-to-make, quick, and extremely delicious sweet recipe. The texture of this recipe will be heavier than a regular chocolate mousse, because of the cookies in it.

A traditional oreo mousse contains eggs. But here, the recipe for this mousse is eggless. So you need not worry if you are a vegetarian or eggs are just not your thing.

This dessert recipe is innovative. And you need very little ingredients to make this. It is a very delicious recipe and If you are an oreo lover, then it is a must for you to try this dish.

Yet another great option to have this dessert in your menu to serve to your guests. Or just treat yourself with this heavenly delightful sweet delicacy. This is one of the easiest desserts to make at home.

You also have the option to make cookie and cream mousse. Any other cookie can be used in place of oreo if you wish for it.  And making this recipe with the kids is also a fun way to indulge them in cooking. They are less likely to make a mess and will do a great job. You get to bond over making the mousse.

Mousse always tastes best when they are properly refrigerated. Cooling them helps with setting them properly and getting the desired texture required. So always remember to cool them before munching on them.

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