Oreo Ice Cream is a home-made, no-churn dessert. This is an easy recipe consisting of our loved oreo cookies.

No-churn ice cream means it does not require any ice cream maker or churning. Our recipe is quick to make and also with the easily available minimal ingredients required.

People love having ice cream in dessert or at any particular time. And oreo cookies are also a favorite of most of them. So this is a pleasant and innovative mix of both the sweet delights. Needless to say, this ice cream is a must-have in your home during gatherings or parties especially.

Here, Oreo Ice Cream is scooped and presented in a bowl. But to make it fancier, you can store it in a kulfi mold before freezing it to give it a kulfi shape. You can even insert a popsicle stick and then chill to make yummy popsicles out of it.

Coat it with chocolate dip, sauce, chocolate chips, or melted chocolate. It will make it more delightful. One can try it using different toppings or sauces other than chocolate. It will surely attract kids and adults alike and make their mood cheerful.

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