Chocolate Cherry Cake is a perfect festive cake recipe and holiday dessert completely made at home. This scrumptious and soft cake is a must for chocoholics (die-hard chocolate lovers). Great choice for Birthdays, gatherings, Eid and kitty parties. No age bar. Everyone is going to love this.

This Chocolate Cherry Cake has its layers studded with cherries above and even more cherries buried inside. Drizzled and decorated with whipped cream with a rich chocolate glaze and garnished with cherries. When ready it just looks like a pro baker’s work.

I and my kids love cherries and I am sure your kids too. When the cherry season is up, it’s time to bake this yummilicious Chocolate Cherry Cake. A great summer treat, moody changer, and depression reliever.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your apron and let’s start.