Choco chips cookies are crunchy & total yum! It is not only the dark texture of these cookies that is enticing but also the taste. Yup, the chocolate chip cookies are dark. They look fabulous & also taste excellent.

I am pretty confident that your kids will love it. The best thing about making these cookies is it’s easy & has minimum ingredients. On top of it, the baking is hassle-free. You don’t have to go the extra mile to make these cookies.

How to Bake Choco Chips Cookies?

Combine all ingredients in the proper measurements & make an excellent dough. Set the required temperature in the oven & bake. That’s it.

The secret to baking perfect cookies lie in the perfect dough. If your cookie dough is not absolute, then the cookies will go haywire.

Keeping this in mind, I have listed ingredients with precise measurements. Additionally, I have mentioned the ideal baking temperature to bake choco chip cookies in an OTG. Therefore follow the steps & bake your first or next batch of chocolate cookies.

What Is Required For Choco Chips Cookies?

To bake great chocolate biscuits, you need to combine items methodically. Above all, the condition of the items matters the most. For example, some cookies require melted butter, whereas others require cold.

Let’s see what goes in our choco chips cookies.

Butter – 120 gm

As I discussed above, here, we require room temperature butter. The reason is if we use melted butter, the dough won’t be stiff. Since the dough is not solid, your cookies won’t bake properly. Hence, use thick butter bars, preferably salted.

Sugar & Baking Powder

The above items are completely no brainer. I mean, sugar is for sweetness & baking powder is to spread the dough up & out. While researching the science of baking powder in cookies, I came across a brilliant article.

Here it is – How Does Baking Powder Affect My Cookies?

The article is exciting & explains insider details on using baking powder. I urge you to read it once before you bake anything.

Cocoa Powder

The classic cocoa powder here defines the dark texture of your cookies. It’s bitter; hence be cautious with the quantity. Using it more will make the cookies extra dark & overpower the taste.

Vanilla Essence

The essence is not necessary while baking these choco chips cookies. However, not using it will change the flavour. To enhance the flavour of cookies, we use the essence. Not only cookies but also cakes, muffins & other recipes. That’s the core purpose.

This is why I have used only 1/4 teaspoon only. You can avoid vanilla essence in your cookies. So, either keep it or leave it. It’s your choice.

All-Purpose Flour

Regular all-purpose flour available in grocery stores is what I have used here. It’s nothing but just maida, so don’t get confused. Use measuring cups for the exact quantity. Maida, aka all-purpose flour, is our base ingredient in this recipe.

Chocolate Chips in Choco Chips Cookies 😁

Choco chips are the star ingredient here. Cocoa powder with dark choco chips together gives the desired chocolate flavour to my cookies. You can also use white choco chips. Make sure they don’t burn in the oven, or else white chips will turn brown.

Temperature Settings in an OTG

How to bake choco chips cookies is what exactly we will learn here. After the ingredients, the baking temperature is a critical part.

I always tell this – The baking temperature depends on the oven, microwave or OTG. To bake the choco chips cookies, I have bajaj OTG. It’s nice & compact. At a time, you can bake approx 400 gm of cookies in the Bajaj OTG.

Okay, let me tell you my ideal baking temperature settings. Here you go.

  • Preheat the oven to 150º C for 10 minutes
  • Bake at 150ºC for 10 minutes

As long as preheating is concerned, I sometimes raise the temperature to 180ºC. This way, my OTG preheats real fast in just 5 minutes. Your oven, microwave or OTG may be different. Therefore the preheating & baking time plus the temperature will differ.

Tips for Crunchy Choco Chips Cookies

We all want to bake perfect cookies. Isn’t it? Hence, you will have to follow the tips below. These are not just tips. They are valuable baking lessons learned after a series of failures. I don’t want you, people, to go through the same.

Remember, your cookie batches will hurt once or twice. But over time, you will start baking like a pro. So, here are some tips.

  • Use room temperature butter.
  • If using melted butter, then chill the dough overnight.
  • Wrap dough in a food-grade self-adhesive plastic wrap.
  • Freezing the dough overnight before baking is recommended.
  • After preheating, immediately insert the baking tray.
  • Do not allow the oven, microwave or OTG to cool down after preheating.
  • Use nonstick baking trays for the best results.
  • Once cookies are baked, immediately remove them from the OTG, oven or microwave.
  • Also, remove cookies from the hot baking tray to avoid burning at the bottom.
  • Cookies are hot & soft when removed from heat. Allow them to cool down.
  • Don’t bake your cookies again, thinking they are soft. Once cooled, they will be stiff.
  • Align the baking tray with parchment paper. It will prevent cookies from burning at the bottom.

I guess everything is thoroughly explained here. If you still have confusion, then watch the recipe video. There are recipe steps, too, with images.

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