Digestive biscuits made using wheat flour are a sweet treat. The good news is there’s no maida in it. Therefore, if you aren’t a fan of all-purpose flour, then these wheat biscuits are for you.

The recipe is quite simple & the ingredients are minimal. The only thing that matters here is the baking time & temperature.

Digestive Biscuits or Digestive Cookies?

Here in India, we call biscuits, whereas overseas, they call them cookies. Even nankhatai is referred to as cookies.

Why do we have to name our traditional biscuits, aka biskut, like cookies? Why? Convince me, please!

So these cookies, I mean digestive biscuits, are healthy. Moreover, the sugar content is adjustable. And that’s what I like about them.

Sugar in the Biscuits?

Let me tell you this – digestive biscuits aren’t sugarless. They have less sugar. So, there’s a difference here between sugarless & less sugar. We will not discuss the difference here. It’s a different story altogether.

The reason why I am telling you less sugar is big. Here you have total control over how much sweet your biscuits will be. You can bake them mildly sweet or make them extra sweet as per the taste.

It’s your choice. Yet, I would advise you to lower the sugar content to keep it healthy.

What are digestive biscuits?

Biscuits baked using wheat flour, has fewer artificial sweeteners, easy to digest are digestive biscuits—all in all, a healthy one just like those available in the grocery stores.

The apparent reason to call them healthy is the absence of all-purpose flour. I do believe that biscuits made out of all-purpose, aka maida, bake fast.

I bet you, too, agree on the same. Moreover, there are a ton of biscuit varieties you can make out of maida. Hence, maida, aka all-purpose flour, is the first choice of a baker.

But wait, when it comes to healthy options, wheat is the winner. Whole wheat flour biscuits take a little longer to bake. I agree with this, but then I also agree that it is always a healthy choice.

Let’s bake some healthy wheat flour digestive biscuits. We will start with the ingredients.

Key Points To Remember For Digestive Biscuits

As I said above, the ingredient list is short. Just five items & the job is done. I have mentioned the baking & preheating temperature. If you have OTG, then this temperature setting is ideal. So, let’s get down to the ingredients one by one.

Wheat Flour-Using wheat flour is a no-brainer. Since we are baking digestive biscuits, we will use wheat flour & nothing else. There are no specific category wheat flour requirements. The one that you are eating daily is enough.

Don’t fall for whole wheat, MP special wheat or Rajasthani gehu. You can bake these biscuits using wheat flour in your kitchen. As simple as that.🤣

Butter-The butter must be cold enough. Not rock-solid cold because you have to mix other items too in it. Remember one thing the butter must not melt.

If using melted butter, then the dough will be loose. And to tighten the dough, you will have to freeze it overnight in the refrigerator in plastic wrap.

Now, if that sounds great to you, then go for it. Either way, the biscuits are going to bake fine. Make a choice.

Baking Powder-An inevitable ingredient in the baking realm. Be cautious about the measurement of the baking powder. A little less will give poorly baked biscuits, and a little more will spoil the dough. Use a measuring spoon to get the exact quantity.

Powdered Sugar-Needless to say, why we are using powdered sugar? Like I said before, you can decide how much sweet your biscuits will be. Put less, and the biscuits will have a mild sweet taste. If you put more, it will taste like packaged cream cookies. The choice is yours.

Milk-The quantity of milk is less. Milk is to bind the dough, which is why we will use only a tiny amount. Do not pour too much milk, or else the dough will spoil. And you won’t be able to repair it by freezing it overnight. Therefore, be patient.

Baking Temperature

The baking temperature is crucial. It is the point where your biscuits either break or bake properly. Hence, monitor the biscuits once in the OTG or microwave. The ideal temperature is classified in two ways – 1) Preheating & 2) Baking.

Preheat the OTG for 10 minutes at 170°C. After preheating, insert the baking tray & set the temperature at 170°C for 20 minutes. These settings are ideal for baking digestive biscuits in Bajaj OTG. Yours may be different.

If you have a bigger OTG or microwave, the temperature will vary from 150°C to 180°C. Refer to the manufacturer’s guide for ideal settings.

Now that you know all the details about ingredients & temperature settings, why not try it yourself? Watch the recipe video & bake homemade digestive biscuits. I have also written a step-by-step process, which includes images. Refer them.

Let me know your thoughts. Share pictures of your biscuits with me. I will love to see them. If there’s any query, get in touch with me in the comment box. Happy baking.😇

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