Kaju Pista Cookies, aka cashew pistachio biscuits, are entirely eggless. In other words, these cookies are vegan.

So, today I am sharing an eggless vegan biscuit recipe that your children will love. Not only kids but everyone in the family will enjoy munching these dry fruit cookies.

The process is easy. Mix all items a make dough. Wrap the dough & chill overnight. After chilling, cut the dough into cookies shape pieces and bake them at 150º C.

Wait for 12 to 15 minutes & abracadabra!🤩🥳

Your Kaju Pista cookies are ready. Isn’t it simple? Okay, let me teach you how to make these biscuits. How about that? Huh.😇

Therefore, without wasting your time, let me get you started. First, we will walk through the ingredient list.

Kaju Pista Cookies Ingredient List

I have baked these biscuits countless times since my grandchildren love them. A perfect cookie dough gives you excellently baked biscuits. Precisely measured ingredients are what you need here. No more or less. Let’s see them:


Cold butter is required here. Salted or unsalted, anyone will do. I won’t advise using melted butter because the dough won’t be in the necessary shape anyhow; if using melted butter, then freeze for more than a day.

All-Purpose Flour

Maida, aka all-purpose flour, is our base ingredient. Be cautious with measurement, although it’s a no brainer.

Sugar Powder

Use powdered sugar instead of granules. Refer to my biscuit recipes to know why I advocate using powdered sugar instead of granulated. One more thin, do not replace sugar with other sweeteners.

Custard Powder

This is our star ingredient. The reason behind using custard powder is to give a creamy texture to the dough. Additionally, flavoured custard powder gives a sweet aroma to your biscuits. In this recipe, I have used mango custard powder.

Baking Powder

We all know what baking powder does. Just one thing – be very cautious about the measurement. Take due care so that you don’t end up with overbaked or underbaked biscuits.

Rose Water in Kaju Pista Cookies

This is my secret ingredient. I love the aroma of rose water. When I bake these Kaju Pista cookies in OTG (BTW, I use Bajaj OTG), everyone knows about it.

Even the Desai Couple living next door gets to know that aunty is baking.😍 Take my advise and don’t skip rose water. You will forever keep making these biscuits.😛

Cashews & Pistachio

Along with custard powder, cashews & pistachios are our start ingredients too. Since we are baking Kaju Pista cookies, these two dry fruits are unavoidable. If you skip Kaju, it will become Pista cookies and vice versa.

Keep aside some pistachios to garnish the biscuits.

Why Freeze Overnight Dough?

Every ingredient has a specific aroma and taste profile. When they mix and mingle with each other, they release distinct flavours.

Yet, we fail to understand the science behind it. We unnecessarily hurry up & cook things by adding everything & almost anything.

First, we need to understand the reason why we chill the dough. More importantly, what purpose it serves.

Now that’s not rocket science. Once you make a cookie dough allow it to rest for sometime after kneading, this way, it retains necessary moisture.

Secondly, the ingredient like baking powder will chemically react to form air pockets. This will further help in baking.

Finally, when your cookie dough is ready, wrap it up in food-grade plastic. Why wrapping? The plastic wrap will hold the dough tightly. It will also keep the moisture intact and restrict the dough from becoming dry.

Hence, do not freeze your Kaju Pista cookies dough without a wrap.

Kaju Pista Cookies Baking Temperature

  • Preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 150º C.
  • Set the baking temperature at 150º C & bake for 12 minutes.

Preheating is essential and does not insert the baking tray without preheating. By preheating, you are setting up a uniform heat in the device. A consistent temperature will start baking all cookies from scratch.

We have discussed the primary ingredients and the baking process. I am pretty sure now you can bake your own Kaju Pista cookies at home. You can also check our other cookies here: