Paan Fudge is an innovative combination of desserts. Fudge is an American dessert and is given an Indian twist by adding paan flavor.

Typically, fudge consists of sugar, milk, and butter. But we are using condensed milk to provide sweetness in the fudge. Also, we use white chocolate instead of the regular chocolate that people use in classic fudge recipes.

This paan fudge is a quick and fuss-free recipe with a minimal number of ingredients.  The light green color of the fudge goes with the name, but you can use your choice color. Or skip adding color to it; it will not compromise the taste.

If you want to shorten the time dramatically to prepare this, then mix the ingredients in a bowl and microwave it for a minute or two till it gets melted. Then refrigerate the fudge to set it.

We are using the paan flavor here. However, there can be as many variations in the flavors as you want. Mango, strawberry, black current, blueberry, and many more flavors will go just as well as the original.

Having this sweet delight is an excellent way to enjoy your vacations or serve it to your guests. It can also be a last-minute addition to your sweet food list.

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