Gulkand Laddu is a no-cook traditional sweet recipe. Generally, people make this laddu during the festival of Diwali.

Traditionally, cashew powder or khoya is the core ingredient for making this sweet delicacy. But here, we are using majorly grated coconut to make it. It is also a popular version, but you can make it otherwise if you don’t like coconut too much.

Gulkand is rose petals preserve and is also majorly used in making sweets. Gulkand Laddu is another such sweet variation of rose petal preserve.

Even though this sweet is majorly a festival recipe like Diwali or Holi, you can prepare this anytime. This recipe is ready in a jiffy. Besides, the ingredients are limited and readily available. It is a last-minute recipe.

We have used green food color here, but any other color is okay to use. You can replace the rose petals preserve with some dry fruits if you like. And you can even use milk powder along with adding some essence or food color.

You can use decorative silver leaf over it as a coating to make it look more eye-pleasing. It is a recipe you can impress your guests with. And you can make this even when you have no time on your hands.

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