Milk Peda is a traditional sweet dish that has mawa or milk solid as the main ingredient. It is popular enough for you to find it in almost every sweet shop.

It is a quick and easy dish to make. Milk Peda does not even require many ingredients; instead, it is made with just three ingredients. The only thing you need to be careful of is not to let the milk solid burn.

You can use condensed milk as well to sweeten the pedas. Using it will not make much difference in the flavor. But it is also alright to use sugar if you prefer that.

You can also use milk powder to thicken the mixture. Doing this will significantly reduce your time to prepare this. When using milk powder, keep the flame medium. Having ready-made ingredients for this recipe will make it an instant sweet recipe.

We can use rose water, saffron to make it more flavorful. At the same time, coconut or dry fruits are good options to decorate the sweet. If you add cocoa powder to the mixture, you will get your version of chocolate peda.

It is a mouth-watering and pleasing sweet delicacy. You are sure to get praise when you serve it to your guests.

This sweet is usually prepared during a festival like Diwali. You can keep in an air-tight container and refrigerate it to keep it from staling.

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