Milk Powder Peda is an instant and quick version of traditional peda. Here we have use milk powder and condensed milk instead of khoya and sugar.

This sweet has a fudge-like base of milk powder and condensed milk. Milk Powder Peda is semi-thick and semi-soft in texture. It is also not too sweet like the traditional version of it.

If we prepare it the traditional way, it takes too much time to cook the base. Moreover, it takes efforts to take care not to let it burn. Also, there is quite physical labor stirring the mixture.

Making it this way will cut down your time and effort immensely. It will also become a hands-on recipe for you to serve it to peers and family whenever needed.

It is believed that peda is originated from the Mathura district of India. Other names for peda are pedha, penda, pera.

You can find this sweet in many varieties, depending on the ingredients you use for it. This is a simple version here. To make it more flavorful, you can use lots of dry fruits or saffron to make it taste different. Similarly, you can add flavors like chocolate or coconut in it to add varieties.

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