Paneer Mawa Cake is an Indian sweet recipe consisting of paneer and mawa. It is similar to a creamy fudge. However, it is an Indian version of fudge.

Festivals are right around the corner. There surely is going to be an endless number of delicacies to cook. This recipe will an easy and quick, last-minute addition to it.

This recipe of paneer mawa cake needs four ingredients to make. It even takes less than an hour to get it done. You can use condensed milk instead to sweeten this. Using it will further reduce the preparation time.

If you like to make it colorful, add a little bit of saffron to the milk. It will give this an excellent golden color. You can go further by garnishing it with nuts and rose petals. That will make it so tempting and pleasing to the eyes.

This sweet delicacy is mostly prepared during festivals like Diwali. But you can prepare this at any auspicious occasion. Or to have something to eat after dinner. There are no rules for that!

So, make it at home and wow your family or friends effortlessly.

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