Mohanthal is a traditional sweet dish that consists of besan, ghee, and sugar. It is popular in Gujarat and is also made in Rajasthan.

This sweet is flavorful and rich in texture, albeit a little rough. And you cannot get enough of the aroma of the roasted besan.

Making Mohanthal is relatively easy. The only part you need to put effort into is the roasting of the besan. If you are not careful to keep the flame low, then it will burn the besan.

Cooking the besan on the low flame can be a little time-consuming. But the result will be worth the efforts and patience.

Usually, it is soaked in sugar syrup. Making the syrup can also be a bit tricky if you have not practiced it. It should be cooked to 1.5 threads consistency.

But here, we are not using sugar syrup. Instead, we are using jaggery to make it sweet. Hence, you are saved from all the hassles.

One can store this sweet dish in an airtight container at room temperature. It will still be edible for ten days.

The sweet delicacy is a part of auspicious occasions and festivals. You can please your guests as well by serving this sweet to them.

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