Paneer Kalakand is an Indian sweet dish with paneer as its primary ingredient. It is a quick and easy Indian milk cake. The dish is famous in Pakistan as well.

Traditionally, kalakand only consists of solidified milk or khoya. Paneer is an innovative addition to this recipe.

Before, it takes quite a long time to make this sweet delicacy as we need to curdle the milk first. But this is a quicker and instant recipe to make Paneer Kalakand. It is ready in just 20 minutes.

This recipe only requires four ingredients in all. Therefore, you can enjoy this sweet delight without making a dent in your pocket. The ingredients are too available easily. You can even make paneer at home.

The dish is moist and granular in texture. Also, it not too sweet. Just the sweetness it requires, no more or less.

You can add dry fruits of your choice to decorate it. Rosewater is also a good thing to add to this. It will make the aroma of it more delightful and pleasing. You will be more tempted by this to eat. Saffron or vanilla extract will also be great to add to it.

Serve it with a spoon like that as halwa if you are unable to cut it into pieces. It will be a mouth-watering dessert to serve to guests and family members.

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