Orange Mawa Burfi is one of the specialties of the Nagpur region of India. This recipe is easy-to-make, a bit tangy in taste, and also delightful to look at.

The city of Nagpur is famous for providing with best quality oranges. So it is no surprise that we have a dessert recipe like Orange and Mawa.

In Nagpur, people make this sweet with orange pulp, milk, khoya, coconut powder, and sugar. We are not using coconut powder here.

We can use milk powder instead of milk. However, you might get the consistency thicker with this. You need to make sure to break the lumps. Also, orange juice is an option to use instead of using orange pulp.

Just keep in mind that it does not taste bitter. You can add a pinch of cardamom powder to enhance the aroma. However, it is entirely optional.

It is a great option to serve to your guests during festivities or any auspicious occasions.  The richness of the flavor, the fudge-like texture, and eye-catching color give you more reason to make it. Besides, it is less fussy, and you don’t need special skills to make it. Just a little patience, maybe!

The sweet is resembling the fruit it is made with its pleasing color and looks. This lovely colorful sweet delicacy is one of a kind dish to make with oranges.

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