Orange Burfi is a quick and easy-to-make dessert recipe. It is a tasty and delicious sweet delicacy with the sweetness and tanginess of orange.

This orange burfi recipe is quite different from the traditional burfi. Here there is no use of milk or milk powder. It also makes this a vegan recipe. We made this with just three ingredients.

This version of burfi resembles a jelly-like texture more rather than a fudge. And so, you may find similarities in this sweet dessert and Turkish delight. You might call this your version of Turkish delight.

To make this sweet, you need to make sure of the availability of the oranges. Otherwise, everything else is readily available.

You can make this recipe with other flavors using seasonal fruits. Pineapple will be the next best option to make this. Strawberries go well too!

It is a fantastic recipe to make to please your comrades or people in general. It is even a last-minute recipe, quite literally.

We can eat this, just plainly.

You can top it off with whipped cream and serve. One can thicken the plain cream with gelatin and serve along as orange panna cotta. Serve it with cream or yogurt and some crust; you will have a different version of a parfait.

You sure are going to wow everyone with these innovations.

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