Peanut Fudge is a unique easy dessert recipe. This sweet is soft and creamy. Also, it is a rich and filling dessert.

Generally, it is made out of only four ingredients. But here, we are making our version of peanut fudge that is quite different from the regular one.

The regular recipe contains melting butter and peanut butter together. It can either be done in the microwave or a pan. Then mixing sugar and chilling it until it sets properly. Some of the recipes have milk as well. They add it along with sugar after the melting is done.

Only peanut butter is used as the main ingredient to make this fudge in the original recipe. But here we are using ground peanuts, avoiding the peanut butter, and adding saffron milk and desiccated coconut for a different taste. So you can say we have given the fudge a full-on Indian desi twist. Besides, this version is healthier and a bit more nutritious than the regular one.

There are different varieties of fudge-like vanilla walnut fudge, chocolate fudge, buckeye fudge, etc. But this fudge is guaranteed to enter itself in your favorite list.

This is a perfect option to welcome your guests with and impress them. You can easily make this with the only time-consuming thing to be chilling it. Everyone is surely going to love it!

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