Chocolate milkshake is a simple yet delicious milkshake with a divine taste. An undeniable milkshake by people of all ages. It is just 3 ingredient recipe. Cocoa Powder,  Milk, and sugar syrup. Garnished with whipped cream and cherry.

Thinking of this lovely combination will fill your mouth filled with juices.  This one is kids and teens special. It is made with flavorsome cocoa powder. It is creamy, chocolatey, thick & totally worth your tastebuds.

During iftar, Muslim women try to make new things for iftar every day. I have seen people making menus for 30 days iftar prior to Ramadan. You can include this milkshake as one of the iftar drinks.

Summers are incomplete without this. Make this at your home & share with us your take on this recipe. Add some chocolate chips, bars & make this your own customized chocolate milkshake.

Everybody loves chocolate. This is truly a tribute to all the chocolate lovers.

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