Mango smoothie is a great way to fight this scorching summer heat. A creamy, delicious and lip-smacking drink is just what you need to keep yourself energized in this heat. And since mangoes are available in abundance during summer, it is just a given to make smoothie with them. Don’t you think?

Smoothies are one of the easiest, fewer ingredients, and fuss-free recipes to make. You don’t even require to have extra-ordinary cooking skills for that.

Mangoes are available easily and are a highly nutritious fruit. Also, they are a favorite of almost everyone. This just makes mango smoothie a highly desirable drink to have in summer.

Mango smoothie is a really delicious and filling food item to have for breakfast or as a snack. Or it can be your lunch even if you want. You can make them anytime and on the go. Moreover, it is a plus that it is also a vegan recipe.

This is also a versatile recipe as you can experiment with the ingredients as per your likes and you can be creative with it.  Besides, it is a convenient option to serve your guests at house parties too.

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