Paneer Kheer is the 7th kheer variety here on Tasted Recipes. Six of them are already published & there’s yet one more to come. Below is the list of all the kheer varieties. Enjoy the recipe videos on our official YouTube channel.

  1. Coconut Kheer
  2. Rajgira Kheer
  3. Carrot Kheer
  4. Poha Kheer
  5. Sabudana Kheer
  6. Rice Kheer (with seviyan)
  7. Shakarkandi Kheer

So let’s start making paneer kheer by collecting all the ingredients first.

Paneer Kheer Ingredient List

You will need milk, dry fruits, paneer & condensed milk. There are two more items. Let’s see how to use them to make a delicious Indian vegan dessert.


We will use full-fat milk similar to every other kheer recipes. I have been telling this every time – avoid using cow milk. It’s thin. For kheer, you need thick & creamy consistency, which you get from full-fat milk. Hence, go for it.

Yet if you insist on using cow milk, add heavy cream or else you kheer will be watery.


Saffron aka Kesar (केसर) is for the yellow colour of the kheer. If you like the kheer white, then skip kesar. It’s safe to use saffron instead of artificial colouring.

Cardamom Powder

Cardamom aka elaichi (इलाइची) & kheer goes hand in hand. Nutmeg can be an excellent substitute for cardamom. Moreover, you can also add chironji (चिरोंजी). They are tiny seeds with a strong aroma & good taste. In Gujarati, they call charoli (ચારોલી) & calumpang nuts in English.

Almonds & Cashew

Apart from almonds & cashew, you can add other dry fruits of your choice.


Milk & paneer are our base ingredients. You can add paneer in 2 ways. Either crumble it or grate it. Both work fine, but I would suggest you grate the paneer.

Condensed Milk

Most of our kheer recipes are made using condensed milk & not sugar. The condensed milk already has sugar in it. A step further, it helps maintain the thickness & creamy texture of the kheer. Use either of them.

After the ingredient list, let’s move on to the making process.

The Easiest Way to Make Paneer Kheer

Kheer is the easiest Indian dessert recipe of all time. Immaterial of what type of kheer you are making. There’s just one thing that needs your attention – Boiling the milk. Sounds cliche? Okay, let me explain.

If you leave milk unattended on high flames, it’s going to burn for sure. Once you add milk, keep stirring continuously from the beginning itself. Boil till the milk is half. Add all the items one by one & your paneer kheer is ready.

Detailed steps are given below.

Why Boil the Milk till Half?

When you do this, the water content evaporates & there’s thick milk left behind. This way, you get bulky kheer – a standard practice. All those traditional Indian sweets made using milk follows the same process.

Don’t Overboil the Paneer Kheer after Adding Condensed Milk.

The condensed milk has sugar in it. If you keep boiling the kheer on high flame, the sugar will start caramelising. As a result, the colour of your kheer will turn light brown.

Not only this but overboiling will eliminate the remaining water content making your kheer dry. Therefore, keep flames low & monitor continuously.

So, that was it with the paneer kheer recipe today.