Super Fluffy Omelet Pizza is a fusion recipe with a mixture of French and Indian cuisines. This time some twist. Omelette Pizza is made with very few ingredients that are easily available at home like eggs, oregano, chili flakes, salt, and pepper.

I m a huge lover of eggs and I am sure you are too and that is why you are here on this page looking for something extraordinary.

When you have nothing to eat or are lazy then this superfood comes to your rescue. With eggs, it is always tasty.

You can also top it with veggies, cheese, olives, or anything of your choice. Due to the heavy whisking of the egg, the omelet pizza becomes extra fluffy.

Quick and Easy 10-minute recipe to fulfill your hunger and a great party pleaser. Flaunt your culinary skill in front of your guest with this new fusion recipe.

Whisking it differently is necessary bcoz if we whisk it together then egg foam will not be so foamy and creamy.

Another Way To Make Omelet Pizza

The method used in this recipe is containing very limited ingredients and is a lot simpler, with just the beating of eggs being the time-consuming thing. However, this version won’t be too fluffy.

For that, you can make this by adding more ingredients to the recipe. Like the actual pizza, you can add lots of vegetables. The common ones will be bell peppers and onions. Apart from them, you can add olives, baby corn, or cottage cheese/tofu/paneer. Or any other vegetable you think will go well. You can also add bits of chicken, fish, prawns, or meat as you like.

To get a firmer base, like the actual pizza, you can use bread. Any type of bread will be good for this. Put the slices on the undercooked side of the omelet and flipped them. Let them cook on low flame until they turn a bit crispy. Meanwhile, spread pizza sauce and place the cut vegetables (or meat) on the cooked side of the omelet.

A French recipe is incomplete without cheese, a load of them. Mozzarella cheese will be best for this but you can any other you like. Finally, sprinkle oregano, paprika, red chilli flakes, or Italian seasoning, whatever you like for some flavours.

Additionally, you can prepare a mix of melted butter, chopped garlic, and coriander. Spread them on the surface of the bread before flipping them. and also add it to the sides of the egg. It will be more justifiable as a part of French cuisine.

Lastly, once you have added everything, cover the pan with a lid and let it cook for a few minutes on low flame, mostly until the bread is crisp. And the omelet pizza is ready.

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