Maggi omelette is a very unique and delicious combination dish. It is an innovative creation consisting of two easiest recipes to make.

It will be hard to find a person who is not a fan of Maggi noodles. Maggi is also a fuss-free food that we can make in minutes. But sometimes the plain old Maggi can be boring.

Omelet is the easiest food one can think to make when hungry, as well. It’s not a surprise that we get to have a unique flavorful combination of both of these dishes.

It is an extremely appetizing snack and is filling enough to make you last for hours. Plus it is one of the easiest of recipes that also looks extravagant.

This is a trendy recipe, preferred mostly among egg-lovers. But if you are a vegan or don’t like eggs you can even make your own veg version of this dish.

Just replace the eggs with Rava and/or Besan. Adding a lot of veggies and cooking it similarly you will have the veg Maggi omelette on your plates.

It is a delicious breakfast recipe. However, you can have it as an evening snack as well.

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