Masala Egg Fry is otherwise Anda Fry in the native Indian language. Moreover, it’s quick & easy to make. That’s the reason we categorise this dish as a breakfast recipe. Now there are a ton of egg recipes suitable for meals throughout the day.

Egg dishes are not only easy but also fall under the minimal or no cooking category. So okay, without much fuss, let’s make this spicy masala egg fry.

Here’s the ingredient list below. Refer to it.

Making Masala Egg Fry for Breakfast

I have already told this in the beginning that this recipe is easy. The most compelling evidence is that even an amateur cook can make. All you need to do is collect all the ingredients in one place. The items must be in exact & accurate measurements.

Once you have everything in place, saute all wet & dry ingredients one by one. Cook till you smell a strong aroma. Break eggs & cook for 7-10 minutes. I prefer breaking the yolks. On the contrary, some of you would not like breaking them. That’s fine. Go ahead.

Everything is fair in love, war & masala egg fry.🤣🤣🤣

So how to Serve it in Typical Street Style?

I like the street style serving instead of the sophisticated one. Now, if you want it that way, continue reading below.

  • Use plastic or paper dishes to get street-style vibes.
  • Chop onion & tomato into small pieces for the salad. Place them into the dish.
  • Sprinkle salt, red chilli powder, and a pinch of garam masala on the salad.
  • There’s no problem eating the egg fry with roti but let me tell you, that’s not the street style.
  • Use pav while serving. The one we eat with pav-bhaji. Yes, the long and rectangular ones.
  • Fry pav using butter or cooking oil. If possible, fry them in the same pan used to make the egg fry.
  • Put everything in the dish, garnish it with fresh coriander & enjoy.

Indian Style Masala Egg Fry

I always mention that eggs are a really flexible ad versatile food. There is an endless possiblity to customise and cook them. Therefore, this recipe can also be alternated and made differently.

For a Indian or desi style masala egg fry the list of ingredients will still remain the same with a few exceptions but the process will be changed.

My version here is completely made of green chillies, however for a desi version red chilli powder will be more prominent. Green chillies will be present but in less proportion.

Other than that, the base of onion and tomatoes will be cooked the same way here but with red chilli powder and cooked completely. But the eggs are to be handled differently. Instead of cracking the eggs directly in the pan we need to hard boil them and cut in halves. Place and mix them in the pan once the base is ready and cook for few minutes. Garnish with coriander and is best served with pav.


  • Instead of cooking oil, we will use butter. Salted or unsalted butter, the choice is yours. If using salted butter, then reduce the quantity of salt. The reason behind using butter is to neutralise the intense flavours of spices. Butter can reduce extra spiciness in the recipe and still give the desired taste. Hence, go with butter.
  • Without onions, your masala, e.g. fries, is simply dull. Hence, don’t skip it.
  • Let me tell you that we can skip turmeric. But if you want the natural yellowish texture, then turmeric is your spice. On the other hand, dry coriander & cumin have earthy & mild sweet flavours. Hence, we recommend both.
  • Alike onion, tomatoes go hand in hand with egg recipes. Especially non-veg recipes are dry & tasteless without both of them. Henceforth, do not skip tomatoes.
  • It is advisable to gather everything before cooking so that you don’t have to run for anything.
  • Use water as needed in the recipe depending on the overall volume & measurements of other ingredients.
  • This masala egg fry consists of 4 eggs. Double the measurements of items if there are eight eggs. Use room temperature eggs. If they are already in the fridge, then bring them to room temperature. Take them out at least one hour before you begin cooking.
  • Garam masala is a secret ingredient here. Even if you don’t add it, your masala egg fry will come out nice & clean. If that’s the point, then why should one add garam masala in the first place? It has a lot more variety of spices & flavours. There are bay leaves, pepper, clove, cinnamon, mustard, fenugreek, cardamom, star anise, curry leaves & much more.

Now that is what I call the typical street-style serving. Try it & I bet you will enjoy every bite.

So, that is it for the masala egg fry recipe for now.

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