Surti Anda Ghotala is a popular lip-smacking egg dish of Surat. The dish is straightforward, quick-to-make, but just as delicious.

Surat is known for being the diamond city. But it also is well-known for many other things like cultural lifestyle. And entertainment. However, food will always top this list.

Surat has offered many exciting and flavorful dishes, including Surti Ghari, Surti Khaman, Sev Khamani, Tomato Bhajiya, Surti Undhiyu, and Batakapuri. You are never going to run out of food dishes to try.

And since the people of Surat loves to eat egg dishes equally as the veg dishes, we do have a whole other list of egg dishes as well. Anda Ghotala is one of them. It is so popular that people in Mumbai are enjoying this too.

What is Surti Anda Ghotala?

As the name suggests, it is an egg dish from the city of Surat, specifically from the streets. The egg is grated in the gravy. There is also the use of spices and multiple ingredients for flavours.

We also have a vegetarian dish with a similar name called Surati Paneer Ghotala. Apart from the name, the concept of both the dishes is also quite similar. Paneer is grated as well, just like the egg in here. Interestingly, you will find it hard to differentiate between the dishes by looking if you don’t know better.

However, the paneer dish has a lot more spices in it. Besides, that has cheese as well. And, of course, that one is a purely vegetarian dish.

In Surat, this egg dish is enjoyed with pav just Australian egg fry and drinks like Sosyo. Or you can make Nimbu Pani enjoy it.

Texture & Taste of Surti Anda Ghotala

The gravy is thick and contains little to no water. Apart from this, the texture will not be smooth because of the grated eggs. You will feel them in your mouth while eating. That is the identification of this dish. Other than that, all the ingredients are cooked and mashed thoroughly. Hence the texture of the base gravy will be smoother.

The eggs are also cooked as well. However, the egg is placed over the gravy so that it will also have a smoother texture in comparison.

This dish only has a limited number of spices. Therefore, it has a mild taste compared to other egg dishes we find in Surat. However, you can adjust the dish’s spiciness as per your taste. And we can add some whole spices for more flavours.

Variation To The Gravy

The gravy we have prepared is red. That is because of the use of tomatoes in the base of the gravy. Also, we have used Kashmiri red chilli powder that brings out this delightful red colour. It is a common form that we will find on the streets.

However, another variation of this dish consists of green gravy. That is also just as popular and appealing. It depends on the street hawkers which variation they will serve to the people.

To make that version of the gravy, we will be eliminating the tomatoes from the gravy. Also, one has to use more green garlic and coriander in that version compared to this one. That version could be spicier because of the green chiles and more spices. Grated cheese or a little bit of cream will go well in this gravy version.

The gravy will consist of grated eggs cooked with masala and chopped green garlic. There will be no use of onions and tomatoes.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Spring onion – You can add the green part of the spring onions if you make the dish’s green version.
  • Pav Bhaji Masala – Some street hawkers add pav bhaji masala while cooking the onions & tomatoes, especially in Mumbai. You can try this as well. It is optional, though.
  • Garam Masala – Add a little bit of garam masala to enhance the dish’s flavour. It will be okay in both versions of the gravy.
  • Tanginess – Some lemon juice in the gravy will be great to add some tanginess and increase the dish’s deliciousness.
  • Ginger-Garlic Paste – The people of Mumbai do not add this paste while cooking the dish. So you can eliminate this ingredient, but it will affect the taste.

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