Egg Mughlai is another egg dish from the streets of Surat city. This dish consists of three significant steps, and each one we load up with eggs.

It is another egg street food dish from Surat city. Again, please don’t dwell on the name. It has no relation to the Mughlai cuisine or the Mughals. There are numerous dishes in Surat street food that has such fancy names as Australian egg fry, egg kasata, anda ghotala, etc.

However, this dish might justify the name because the dish is quite rich. Like many egg dishes, this dish also does not have a specific recipe. Every street hawker makes it their way.

Taste & Texture Of Anda Mughlai

The base is fried eggs. You can either add little to no spices in it or can use as many as you like. It is up to you. Apart from spices, you can also add some finely chopped vegetables.

The dish’s gravy is extremely smooth since we are mashing the ingredients. And the last layer is of boiled eggs chunks cooked in butter and spices. But, again, the spices you are using are up to you.

The taste is medium spicy, but you can keep the spice as per your taste. Add lots of green chillies if you like it spicy. It will also provide more aroma. Or fry slit green chillies and add as a garnishing.

Anda Mughlai Pune Style

As I mentioned, this dish does not have a specific recipe. It changes from person to person. Just the base of onions and tomatoes remains the same.

Similarly, when Pune people make this dish, it more or less resembles an anda bhurji. Eggs are first fried without any spices and kept aside. After that, onions and tomatoes are cooked thoroughly with common spices. Sometimes they use schezwan sauce or even pav bhaji masala. Or can be a substitute for any other special masala.

They do not mash the ingredients. Instead, in the end, the eggs are scrambled in with other ingredients and served with pav.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Boiled Egg – You can place some boiled egg slices on the omelette at the base. Flip and fry them from both sides.
  • Addition – You can add more vegetables like capsicum, spring onions, carrot, or peas. Make sure to cook and mash them well.
  • Butter – You can never go wrong with this. Add this ingredient to your heart’s content.
  • Green Garlic – You can add green garlic to the fried egg or even in the gravy for more flavour.
  • Half-Fry – This is not common, but you will love this if you are an egg lover. Place the regular half-fry egg and make another layer of it. This one is Rajkot special.
  • Spices – The spices are up to you. You can add any spice and any amount you seem fit for the dish.
  • Onion – You can skip using onion. Instead, add more tomatoes and grate cheese in the gravy and boiled eggs. Or add some cream to the gravy to make it thicker.