Boiled Egg Tikka is a delicious egg recipe in a street style. This mouth-watering dish is from the city of Baroda.

It is one of the famous dishes from the food stall chain called Raju Omelet in Baroda. However, this dish is available in many of its branches all over Gujarat. Even if it is a dish from Baroda, it is equally famous in Surat city, and the people love it.

Why is it called Boiled Egg Tikka?

Most people wonder why it has the word tikka in the name. Because this dish is nothing at all like the tikkas, we are familiar with.

Let’s go by the definition available on the internet about tikka. It means “an Indian or Pakistani dish consisting of small pieces of meat or vegetables marinated in a spice mixture and cooked in tandoor.” But that is not the case here.

However, very few people know that tikka is an adapted word. This word has derivations from several languages. Tikka is called Tike in Turkish and Tikə in Azerbaijani. It is a Persian word meaning “bits” or “pieces” or even a morsel.

Our dish of boiled egg tikka does contain bits and pieces of eggs. Hence, by this definition, the use of the word in the dish name is justified.

Taste & Texture of Boiled Egg Tikka

This recipe contains a few of the simplest ingredients for the base. It is more of a regular recipe despite sounding so fancy.

The base of this recipe is onions and tomatoes. So the base is soft and smooth. The only crunch or solid you will feel over your tongue will be the boiled eggs.

The spices we are using in the recipe are also limited. However, we are using both green chillies and red chilli powder. Een then, the spiciness in this recipe is moderate and adjustable.

Boiled Egg Tikka Green Gravy

Like many egg dishes, you can make this dish in a green version. This version is not too different from what we are making—just some adjustments with a few ingredients.

To make it in green gravy, we will cut tomatoes by a bit, and onions could be more in amount. Also, we are using little to no red chilli powder. So instead, all the spiciness will be from green chillies.

Instead of using the ginger-garlic paste, chopped ginger and green garlic will be a better replacement in this version. Also, add an ample amount of Coriander. These will increase the green factor in the dish.

Apart from all these, the remaining ingredients and recipe will remain the same.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Chillies – The amount of chillies or the red chilli powder is up to you. You can make it as more or less spicy as you want.
  • Cheese – Grated cheese will be great in the gravy if you make it with green masalas.
  • Cream – This ingredient will go well in the green version of this dish. It will also lessen the spicy flavour if you want it moderate.
  • Pav Bhaji Masala – This recipe is similar to the pav bhaji; you can add the pav bhaji masala as an experiment.
  • Butter – You can use butter to your heart’s content in this recipe. It will make the dish even more enjoyable.

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