Egg Lababdar is a delicious and creamy gravy made with eggs. It is a straightforward and quick dish that one can have for dinner or lunch as the main course.

It is a unique one-pot recipe and is less fussy. As the name suggests, this recipe will make you desire and crave for it more. Let me tell you, this dish is a treat for egg lovers out there. On the contrary, it’s a Shahi Moghlai recipe.

Besides, this can fill your protein requirements too.👍👍

Ingredients For Egg Lababdar

The list of the ingredients we will be using in this recipe is quite long. But worry not, they are available easily and will be worth the fuss.

Tomato & Onion

This ingredient will make the base of our gravy. Choose ripe and red tomatoes. And make sure the tomatoes are not sour.

Onions too contribute to the base and also the thickness of the gravy.

Cashews in Egg Lababdar

Another ingredient to contribute to our gravy. Cashews will add the required thickness & richness to the gravy. Doing this will give us a creamier gravy.

Ginger & Garlic

These ingredients are going to provide the base flavours. Almost all Indian curries will have these base ingredients. Therefore, you can derive the best flavour from these ingredients.

Dry Spices

Since it is somewhat a “Shahi” dish, there will be a lot of spices. Bay leaves, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, clove, black pepper, and cumin seeds are a few to name. These ingredients will not only be providing delicious flavours to the dish but also will make it temptingly aromatic.

We are using dry red chillies as well. These will bring a nice colour to the dish along with flavours. Again, you can add or minus the amount of the chillies as per your taste buds’ preference.


We need hard-boiled eggs for this. Indians, in general, do not fancy soft-cooked eggs. Therefore, the number of eggs we are using is adjustable as per your liking in this recipe.

Other Spices

To add more taste to the gravy, we will be adding coriander powder and red chilli powder. Add as per taste. Moreover, if you like, you can add special commercial spice powders available to your liking.

Preparing Egg Lababdar

#For eggs#

Before you start the gravy, you should boil the eggs. Typically, they should be hard-boiled. You can do it by boiling them either in a deep vessel or in a cooker. Adjust the number of eggs you want.

#For Gravy#

First, we will blanch tomato, cashew, ginger, garlic, red chillies in a deep vessel and blanch them. Doing this will help keep the flavours and colour stored. That is why the gravy has an enticing colour.

After that, we will blend the ingredients. Directly blending all these may not provide the required result. Keep the paste aside to use later.

Then temper all the dry spices in oil. Your nostrils are going to have a good time here!😁😁 Now comes the onions. It would help if you sauteed until it turns soft. Then add coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, and salt to it. Add coriander and mix everything well.

Retrieve the paste and add it to the ingredients. Also, add water in the needed quantity. Finally, place the eggs over the gravy. Cover it with a lid and cook for 10-12 minutes. Can adjust the thickness of the gravy. But it is ideal if it contains less water.


  • Try edible food colours to get the desired colour for the gravy.
  • Add heavy cream or coconut milk to make the gravy smooth & creamy.
  • Replace eggs with paneer, prawns, fish, vegetables, or chicken in the same recipe. However, cooking time for all of them will be different. Even tofu is a healthy substitute.
  • To make it a little tangy, add lemon juice or tamarind paste.
  • For more aromas and flavours, use Kasuri methi.
  • We can substitute Melon seeds, poppy seeds, peanuts, or sesame seeds with cashews.
  • Garnish the gravy with grated boiled egg whites or some cheese if you like. You can enjoy this with both rice and roti.

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