Egg Lababdar is a delicious and creamy gravy made with eggs. It is a straightforward and quick dish that one can have for dinner or lunch as the main course.

It is a unique one-pot recipe and is less fussy. As the name suggests, this recipe will make you desire and crave it more. Let me tell you, this dish is a treat for egg lovers out there. On the contrary, it’s a Shahi Moghlai recipe.

Besides, this can fill your protein requirements, too.👍👍

Reasons To Try Egg Lababdar

  • It is easy to make even with the list of ingredients.
  • Extremely tasty and rich recipe.
  • A different egg recipe than the regular anda bhurji.
  • It is a protein-packed dish.
  • You can eat it with rice and chapati.
  • It offers loads of flavours for your palates.
  • These seriously are a few of the shahi egg recipes available.

Few Tips to Enhance Taste:

  • Try edible food colours to get the desired colour for the gravy.
  • Add heavy cream or coconut milk to make the gravy smooth & creamy.
  • Replace eggs with paneer, prawns, fish, vegetables, or chicken in the same recipe. However, cooking time for all of them will be different. Even tofu is a healthy substitute.
  • In this recipe, add chopped capsicum for more taste.
  • To make it a little tangy, add lemon juice or tamarind paste.
  • You can add or minus the amount of the chillies as per your taste buds’ preference.
  • For more aromas and flavours, use Kasuri methi.
  • We can substitute Melon seeds, poppy seeds, peanuts, or sesame seeds with cashews.
  • If you like, you can add special commercial spice powders available to your liking.
  • You can add grated cheese to this dish in the end.
  • Garnish the gravy with grated boiled egg whites or some cheese if you like. You can enjoy this with both rice and roti.

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